The 10k2Startup program invites African startups addressing critical issues to apply for funding ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, along with additional support measures. This initiative, spearheaded by Julius Nkansah Owusu-Kyerematen, Google’s head of multi-channel mid-market skills, emphasizes the importance of funding and strategic mentorship for the growth and scaling of startups.

Purpose and Mission

Operating out of Ghana, 10k2Startup is dedicated to overcoming the hurdles faced by startups by offering investments in exchange for equity stakes of 15% to 25%. The program aims to support tech-enabled startups that utilize advanced technology to create pioneering solutions across various industries.

Current Investment Portfolio

The initiative's current investment portfolio includes innovative startups such as Homely, Nuelle Organics, and Green Tech. Investment decisions are based on the startup’s development phase, growth potential, and traction. The more promising the startup, the more substantial the investment and equity share it can expect.

Beyond Financial Investment

10k2Startup is not just about financial backing; it positions itself as a strategic growth ally. The program offers expert advice, helps entrepreneurs navigate challenges, and connects them with a broad network of investors, partners, and customers to accelerate their expansion.

Qualities of Successful Founders

Owusu-Kyerematen emphasizes the importance of passion, perseverance, discipline, and strategic insight in founders. The initiative values entrepreneurs who directly tackle challenges, turning hurdles into milestones towards their grand vision. Demonstrating meticulous planning, unwavering focus, and dedication to excellence are seen as crucial traits for significant achievements and a trajectory towards success.

Application Process

Interested startups can apply for the 10k2Startup’s second cycle until July 15. Shortlisted startups will be invited for a 30-minute pitch session by July 31. Funding decisions will be made within two weeks following the pitch sessions.