Farmers and entrepreneurs in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors are about to experience a game-changing event. The forthcoming 'Agro-Food Pack Exhibition' is set to be a pivotal moment in boosting standards and opening up exciting new prospects in the world of agriculture and food processing. This unique expo covers various segments, including agro, dairy, poultry, grains, storage, food and flavors, biscuits, cakes, and the fascinating world of packaging and processing machines and plastics.

A Platform for Growth

The Agro-Food Pack Exhibition aims to create a pathway for technology innovators, producers, suppliers, and buyers to capitalize on emerging opportunities in one of the world's most promising business hubs. Scheduled from October 27th to 29th in Nairobi, Kenya, this expo promises to be a catalyst for transformation within the agriculture sector, reducing reliance on manual processes and, in turn, boosting export volumes.

The Quest for New Markets

Japheth Ogutu, CEO of the Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry-Kajiado chapter, emphasized the importance of finding new markets. He highlighted that many Kenyan farmers face losses due to the lack of ready markets. The Agro-Food Pack Exhibition is envisioned as a solution to this problem, opening up new avenues for Kenya's products, not only in the United Arab Emirates but also across the globe.

"We are also urging international exhibitors to take advantage of the government's industrial parks and establish their production plants locally," Ogutu suggested. Kenya stands as one of the fast-growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, experiencing a significant industrial boom in multiple sectors, particularly in agriculture and manufacturing.

A Platform for Investment and Innovation

The Agro-Food Pack Exhibition serves as an ideal platform for chamber members to showcase investment opportunities and innovations. Mudasir Mohammed, the expo's organizer, highlighted that food security is a global concern, and climate change is affecting production significantly. This forum aims to mitigate such effects while providing a platform for technology transfer, promoting inter-trade, and enhancing gateways between Kenya and over 20 countries in Europe and Asia.

"Collaboration is key," Mohammed stressed. "To achieve value addition for local farmers, we need to work closely with advanced nations like the UAE, which are at the forefront of modern agriculture and food production." He also urged Kenyan exhibitors to establish enduring partnerships with their foreign counterparts, benefiting both sides.

The Agro-Food Pack Exhibition is expected to bring together an estimated 1,500 exhibitors from various countries, creating a global platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and investment.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to be part of a transformative event in the agricultural and food processing industry. The Agro-Food Pack Exhibition is where innovation meets investment, and the future of farming and food production takes center stage.