Starting a photography business is no easy task. There are equipments you need, marketing that needs to be done and above all the highly competitive photography market is hard to crack. But, that does not mean you should give up on your dream. The only thing is that you need to analyze the market properly, plan accordingly and then set yourself to capture the photography market.

The most common mistake by photographers are that they do not define their niche and try taking any project that comes their way. Though this would definitely result in increase of income, but the side-effect is that you can never create a brand identity for your business which is essential in a long run. Now, there are people who have been there and done it and there tips can help you to run a successful photography business.

Here Are 9 Tips For Starting A Photography Business

1. Have Right Set Of Equipments-

Right set of equipments are a must to build a successful photography business. Purchasing equipments would require a large amount of investment, but that should not deter you from purchasing quality equipment as it would affect your work.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you should purchase equipments keeping in mind your photography niche. Also, save some money to buy backup equipments as their is always a chance of the primary equipment failure.

2. Fix Your Price-

Most photographer start photography as a passion and hobby. Gradually they try to turn this hobby into profession, and anyways it’s always nice to earn from doing something you love. But the problem is that they have very little knowledge of how a business is done. Thus, mostly when starting a photography business, photographers charge less for the service as they have not analyzed the market properly.

Therefore, we would suggest you to research your market, see how much your competitors are charging, minimum amount you must charge to sustain yourself, etc. You can then fix your prices for different services accordingly. Remember, pricing your services lower than the market rate might get you good number of customer but it won’t be sustainable in the long run.

3. Build An Online Portfolio-

In this digital age it is very important that you have an online portfolio where your users can view your work, services and contact you. The best way is to have your own website where you can show all your work, clients review and any other thing that you might think can build trust of your brand among your clients.

Easier navigation, mobile friendliness, call to action button placement, etc. are important aspect to keep in mind during website design process. One can always take help of crowdsourcing sites to get their website design at an affordable price.


4. Build A Marketing Plan-

What’s a business without strategically devised marketing plan? Even before you begin your photography business, you should have a solid marketing plan in place. Decide which mediums you are going to use, the amount you would spend on each, the return you are expecting from each of these advertising strategy.

Usually people take a very broad spectrum of marketing like outdoor marketing, digital marketing, etc. But, we would suggest you to break it down to the very medium you would be using. Like when using digital marketing break it down to Instagram advertisement, Facebook advertisement, SEO, etc. This will help you to set up a dedicated budget for these advertisements and also monitor the progress easily.

5. Have A Social Media Presence-

Social media has been known to be a major influencer in people’s buying habit. As a photographer the chances of your scoring a customer through social media is pretty high, if you are maintaining an active social media account.

Here are some quick tips on having an effective social media marketing-
a. Choose the social media channels that you think would be beneficial for your business. Do not try your hand on every channel as this would only be a waste of time and effort.
b. Get a professionally designed social media cover photo for all the accounts. Being the first thing that your user sees, it’s very important that the visitor gets enticed with the cover pic itself.
c. Post regularly with interactive and varied content. Also try to engage your user as much as you can.

6. Develop Your Brand Identity-

To build your venture into a successful business it is must that you build your brand identity. Here are 5 must-have items to create a brand identity for a photography business-
a. Logo- Photography Logos are heart and soul of a venture trying to create its brand identity. Your logo would be everywhere from your website to your photos to your business card. Therefore, have a professionally designed logo that you can showcase everywhere.
b. Business Card- You meet someone, you discuss work and the person tell you that they would call you later. To ensure that the person remembers you and has your contact detail, you must hand them your business card.
c. Letterhead- A personalized letterhead gives your photography business a professional feel. This letterhead can be used to give your invoices, forms, letters an extra touch.
d. Envelope- Envelope can bring a great deal of personalization and develop a healthy relationship with clients. Make sure that your envelope design is such that it makes the user inquisitive to open it.

7. Do Not Be Shy To Ask-

When opening a photography business remember that you have to be it’s salesperson too. Try asking people among your circle like your friends, family, etc. for work or reference. Also, do not be shy to ask your clients for reference or contacting you for future work. Always have your business card with you so that once you contact someone you can hand it to them for any future contacts.

Being a salesperson is never easy. Though it’s always better to go in the field and gain experience, we would also recommend you to go through books on sales to get expert recommendation and tips.


8. Maintain A Friendly Relation With Your Clients-

Photography is not a one time thing and if you are maintaining a friendly relation with your client, chances are they would either use your service again or recommend you to someone. Even a small gesture like saying thank you after the photo session or sending them birthday wish can go a long way in creating a cordial relation with your clients.


9. Always Take Backup Of Your Work-

Well, we don’t think it needs an explanation. Many errors can come across your path resulting in loss of important file and as such you always need to have backup of your files.

These are some pro tips on starting a photography business. Do you already have a photography business? If yes, what would you like to share with us? Do comment below.