Empowering Education Across Africa

AltSchool Africa, a leading skill-to-market platform, has achieved a significant milestone with full accreditation from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC). This accreditation reaffirms AltSchool Africa's commitment to providing high-quality education and empowering millions of Africans with future-proof skills.

A Milestone in Education Technology

CEO Adewale Yusuf announced the achievement during a virtual press conference, emphasizing its significance in AltSchool Africa's mission. He highlighted the accreditation as a validation of the platform's curricula, systems, and processes, all designed to global best standards. This recognition strengthens AltSchool Africa's resolve to expand its reach, particularly to underserved communities, offering them modern and affordable education opportunities.

Driving Quality Education: ASIC Accreditation

The ASIC accreditation, recognized in over 70 countries and endorsed by UKVI, signifies AltSchool Africa's commitment to excellence in international education. As a member of reputable quality assurance agencies, ASIC's endorsement further underscores AltSchool Africa's dedication to high-quality learning experiences.

AltSchool Africa's Growth

The ASIC accreditation follows AltSchool Africa's recent expansion into Kenya, showcasing its continuous efforts to deepen its impact in East Africa. Additionally, the introduction of "Launchpad," a free course providing insights into various career paths in Tech, reflects AltSchool Africa's commitment to accessible education.

Academic Excellence: Ensuring Rigorous Standards

Dr. Ademola Akinrinola, Director of Learning and Academics at AltSchool Africa, emphasized the impartial and independent assessment process that led to accreditation. This process ensures AltSchool Africa's adherence to rigorous internationally accepted standards, covering administration, governance, and educational offerings.

Impact and Success: A Record of Achievement

Since its inception in 2021, AltSchool Africa has facilitated over 5 million hours of training for more than 60,000 learners from over 100 countries. With a focus on specialized schools in Engineering, Product, Data, Business, and Creative Economy, AltSchool Africa has graduated over 1,500 learners from its diploma programs, many of whom have embarked on successful careers within and beyond Africa.

Pioneering Education for Tomorrow's Leaders

AltSchool Africa's accreditation marks a new chapter in its journey to empower individuals with valuable skills and opportunities. With a commitment to quality education and a vision for a brighter future, AltSchool Africa continues to drive innovation and transformation in the education technology landscape across Africa and beyond.