A Homegrown Solution

Shesha, a proudly South African e-hailing app, has made its grand entrance into Sandton, Johannesburg, signaling a new era in local transportation services. Scheduled to commence operations on May 1st, Shesha represents a collaboration between the minibus taxi industry and e-hailing operators, aiming to provide a competitive alternative to international giants like Uber and Bolt.

Ensuring Safety and Security

Amid growing safety concerns, particularly among female riders, Shesha has prioritized security on its platform. The company has pledged to implement stringent security measures, including fingerprint ID verification for both drivers and riders, ensuring peace of mind for all users.

Collaboration with Local Taxi Industry

Project Manager Portia Kekeletu emphasizes Shesha's commitment to collaboration with the local taxi industry, including key stakeholders like the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) and National Taxi Alliance (NTA). By leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of the minibus taxi sector, Shesha aims to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of its services.

Empowering South African Entrepreneurs

Recognizing the importance of keeping wealth within South African borders, Shesha's founders are dedicated to creating economic opportunities for local entrepreneurs. With a focus on sustainability and empowerment, Shesha aims to support South Africans working in the e-hailing sector, ensuring that they receive their fair share of the profits.

Investing in Operator Welfare

A notable aspect of Shesha's initiative is its allocation of 10% of shares to the Gauteng E-Hailing Trust. This initiative aims to provide e-hailing operators with access to essential benefits such as medical aid, provident funding, and pensions, promoting the welfare and prosperity of those working within the industry.

Expanding Accessibility

While currently available on Android, Shesha is committed to expanding its accessibility by ensuring compatibility with Apple devices upon its launch on May 1st. By catering to a broader range of users, Shesha seeks to maximize its impact and reach within the local market.

As Shesha prepares to launch in Sandton, it heralds a new chapter in South Africa's transportation landscape. With its focus on safety, collaboration, and empowerment, Shesha is poised to become a driving force for positive change within the e-hailing industry, offering a homegrown alternative that puts local communities first.