Empowering Entrepreneurs Across the Continent

MEST Africa Challenge has once again taken center stage in the African startup landscape, unveiling 45 regional finalists from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Senegal. This initiative, founded in Ghana in 2008 by serial entrepreneur Jorn Lyseggen, stands as a beacon for pan-African software and entrepreneurship training, providing a platform for startups to thrive.

The MEST Africa Challenge: Fostering Innovation

As a trailblazer in the realm of software and entrepreneurship training, the MEST Africa Challenge is now in its fifth edition. The challenge aims to identify, support, and elevate startups with promising potential across the continent. For the regional finalists, the grand prize at stake is no small feat—US$50,000 in equity investment, coupled with long-term partnerships and ongoing support from MEST Africa.

Diverse Representation

This year's cohort of regional finalists boasts a rich tapestry of startups hailing from various corners of the continent. The distribution includes 10 startups each from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, with an additional representation of 5 startups from Senegal.

Kenyan Innovators Taking the Stage

Among the 45 regional finalists, Kenya stands out with an impressive lineup of innovative startups. The selected Kenyan startups include Mywagepay, Snark Health, Urbantechforhope, Pigee, Letaji, Investa Farm, Tulix, Circularity Space, Digital Realm Entertainment, and Moti.

Ghana's Entrepreneurial Spirit Shines

Ghana, known for its vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, is well-represented with startups such as Edanra, Eazy Chain, FlowersGH, Tourizilla, QKnow Edtech, Bouquet, Masters Hive Centre for Innovation, FarmWallet, Chestify AI Labs, and Advance Pharma Innovations.

Nigeria's Tech Prowess on Display

The dynamism of Nigeria's tech ecosystem is evident in its 10 selected startups, including Doktorconnect, OneHealth, Sproutly, iblooy, HealthGo, Innovastra, SmartTeller, Artisan Oga, Blueroom Care, and Konnadex Technologies.

South Africa's Innovation Wave

South Africa, a burgeoning hub for innovation, showcases startups like Koa Academy, ESusFarm Africa, BOS Technology, Insaaph, Smart Food Growing Technologies, DeepLeaf, Thola, Aurora Media Group, SafeAfrica, and Biocertica.

Senegal's Rising Ventures

Senegal, making its mark on the African startup landscape, introduces five promising ventures—SAYNA, Microact, Yoonema, RAYNIS, and InterSIP International.

Scaling Impact and Securing Funding

These 45 startups, representing the pinnacle of innovation in their respective countries, are poised to embark on a journey of fierce competition. They will demonstrate their potential impact to a panel of judges, aiming not only for visibility but also to connect with investors and potentially secure funding to scale their transformative impact across the continent.