In a transformative move for Egypt's health tech sector, Pharmacy Marts, a pioneering startup revolutionizing the pharmaceutical supply chain, has secured a substantial six-figure investment from Acasia Ventures. This strategic partnership signifies a significant milestone for Pharmacy Marts as it embarks on a mission to digitize and streamline the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt.

The exact amount of the investment remains undisclosed; however, it bolsters Pharmacy Marts' existing funding of $2 million from previous investors. The infusion of capital underscores the confidence and belief that Acasia Ventures has in the innovative vision and potential of Pharmacy Marts.

Insight from CEO

Ahmed Kadous, CEO and Co-Founder of Pharmacy Marts, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Acasia Ventures, citing their extensive presence in African markets and robust network of advisors in the pharmaceutical industry. Kadous views this partnership as a gateway to new opportunities and expansion into untapped territories.

The Vision and Mission of Pharmacy Marts

Since its inception in 2021, Pharmacy Marts has been on a mission to revolutionize the pharmaceutical sector by leveraging technology to connect pharmacies with suppliers seamlessly. Through its platform, Pharmacy Marts empowers pharmacists by providing access to a wide array of medical products and cosmetics while facilitating connections with suppliers.

Pharmacy Marts not only facilitates product procurement but also offers vital financial services such as access to working capital and innovative financing solutions like "Buy Now, Pay Later" options. This comprehensive approach ensures that pharmacies have the necessary resources to meet the diverse needs of their customers effectively.

Market Penetration

With a customer base encompassing approximately 12,000 pharmacies in Egypt, representing a remarkable 20% of the total market share, Pharmacy Marts has emerged as a formidable force in the industry. Furthermore, the platform boasts a network of over 200 suppliers, highlighting its widespread adoption and impact.

Digital Transformation for Improved Patient Access

Pharmacy Marts' overarching goal is to digitize the pharmaceutical supply chain, thereby enhancing patient access to vital medication. By streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency, the platform aims to address critical gaps in the healthcare ecosystem, ultimately improving healthcare outcomes for individuals across Egypt.

Acasia Ventures' Perspective

Aly El Shalakany, Managing Partner at Acasia Ventures, commended Pharmacy Marts for its rapid ascent as a category leader in the health tech space. El Shalakany expressed confidence in Pharmacy Marts' trajectory, emphasizing the platform's potential to drive positive change and innovation within the pharmaceutical industry.