Introduction to Interswitch Career Fair 3.0

Interswitch Group, a leading integrated payments and digital commerce company in Africa, continues to affirm its commitment to empowering young Nigerians on their career journeys. This dedication was highlighted at the recently concluded Interswitch Career Fair 3.0, held on May 25, 2024, at the Landmark Event Centre in Lagos.

Event Overview: Reimagining Work

This year's career fair, themed “Reimagining Work: People, Culture, Technology,” provided a platform for skilled professionals and young talent to access resources and insights crucial for succeeding in today's and tomorrow's workplace. Building on the success of previous editions, Career Fair 3.0 brought together industry experts from various fields including Finance, Technology, Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources.

Insightful Panel Discussions

The event featured a series of panel sessions with experts such as Robinta Aluyi, Vice President of Sales and Account Management at Interswitch; Elizabeth Okonji, Founder of TGL Labs; Ivie Temitayo-Ibitoye, Head of Employee Experience at Sahara Group; and Adora Ikwuemesi, Founder of Kendor Consulting. These industry leaders shared extensive career development advice and strategies, answering questions and providing inspiration for attendees.

Opening Remarks by Mitchell Elegbe

Mitchell Elegbe, Founder and Group Managing Director of Interswitch Group, set the tone for the day by emphasizing the fair's importance. He highlighted the event as an opportunity to discover emerging talents and cultivate transformative leaders who can drive innovative solutions in Nigeria and across Africa.

“The Interswitch Career Fair demonstrates our long-standing vision for African talent. At Interswitch, we host this Career Fair to support talents who can take full responsibility for leadership, good management, and deliver great impact in any organization they find themselves. This platform serves as a catalyst for any career growth, bridging the gap between top talent and opportunities," Elegbe stated.

Supporting Talents with Skills for the Future

Franklin Ali, Chief Human Resource Officer at Interswitch Nigeria, echoed Elegbe's sentiments, noting that the fair is not just for job seekers but also serves as a platform to equip top talent with essential skills for thriving in today’s dynamic workplace. He highlighted Interswitch’s collaboration with leading organizations such as LinkedIn, ProductDive, ALX, Oscar Temple, Kendor, Udemy, Decagon, and Semicolon to enhance the offerings available to attendees.

Keynote Address by Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Founder of IMMERSE Coaching Company, delivered a keynote address emphasizing the event's role in advancing careers across various professional fields. “A job fair like Interswitch Career Fair 3.0 is created for talents ready to advance their careers with a driving force and a sense of vision. This event is a great opportunity for aspiring individuals who can leverage today’s cutting-edge technology and productivity tools for capacity building to deliver value and stand out in the job market,” she said.

Focus on Building Tech Careers

The event also included a second panel session focused on building tech careers, featuring industry leaders like Obinna Onuekwusi, Divisional Head of Technology Innovation at Interswitch; Lanre Basamta, Co-Founder of Optimus AI Labs; and Sikemi Tayo, CEO of KIT for Professionals. They shared valuable tips for aspiring tech enthusiasts on understanding innovation and building networks within tech communities.

Interactive Job Fair Session

The fair concluded with a Job Fair session, where attendees participated in interactive one-on-one sessions, mentorship opportunities, and talent assessments with Interswitch experts across various sectors. This segment underscored Interswitch’s commitment to supporting Nigerian youth in their professional development.