AfriLabs, a leading network organization dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, has partnered with 2X Global, an influential global entity that amplifies investments aimed at empowering women economically. This strategic alliance aims to promote intersectional gender lens investing across emerging markets.

A Commitment to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

AfriLabs is renowned for its dedication to technological advancement and entrepreneurial spirit in Africa. By creating a collaborative environment, AfriLabs connects tech hubs, startups, investors, and other key players within the innovation ecosystem. With the recent addition of 16 new hubs, AfriLabs now boasts a network of 478 hubs across 260 cities in 53 African countries.

Leading the Charge in Gender Lens Investing

2X Global is a leading organization comprised of investors, capital providers, and intermediaries active in both public and private financial markets. Its primary goal is to increase investments in ventures that benefit women. By focusing on both the volume and impact of these investments, 2X Global plays a pivotal role in driving economic empowerment for women worldwide.

Shared Goals and Vision

Both AfriLabs and 2X Global share a common goal: to enhance the flow of financial capital in a way that supports sustainable development, with a particular emphasis on impact investing. Their partnership is founded on the belief that collaboration, knowledge exchange, and capacity-building initiatives can create positive transformations in the investment landscape.

Harnessing Combined Expertise

Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director of AfriLabs, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership with 2X Global, noting its leadership in advancing intersectional gender lens investing. She highlighted that this collaboration is an excellent opportunity to leverage the combined expertise and networks of both organizations to catalyze impactful investments in African innovation and entrepreneurship.

Aligning Missions for Greater Impact

Ekeledo emphasized that this partnership aligns perfectly with AfriLabs' mission to support and mentor female entrepreneurs across Africa. It represents a significant step towards promoting sustainable economic growth and development on the continent. AfriLabs is eager to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, create capacity-building initiatives, and advocate for intersectional gender lens investing in emerging markets. This effort aims to create a more inclusive and effective investment environment.

A Vision for the Future

Jessica Espinoza, CEO of 2X Global, shared her optimism about the partnership, highlighting the excellent opportunity it presents for both organizations to benefit from each other’s insights and networks. She noted that 2X Global and AfriLabs share a commitment to knowledge sharing, capacity building, and supporting women’s economic empowerment. Espinoza looks forward to activating this partnership and finding synergies that will advance the aligned missions of both organizations.