AfriLabs, the continent's premier network of technology and innovation hubs, continues its mission of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. With the admission of 16 new hubs, AfriLabs now boasts a network of 478 hubs spanning 260 cities in 53 African nations. This article explores the significance of AfriLabs' expansion and introduces the latest additions to its esteemed network.

Empowering Innovation Across Africa

AfriLabs stands as a beacon of innovation, uniting technology hubs, startups, investors, and stakeholders to drive transformative change across the continent. With a commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering collaboration, AfriLabs serves as a catalyst for growth and development in Africa's tech ecosystem.

Welcoming the New Members

In a testament to its continued growth, AfriLabs welcomes 16 dynamic hubs from across Africa into its vibrant network. These new members represent diverse regions and industries, each contributing to the rich tapestry of innovation on the continent.

North African Expansion

From North Africa, AfriLabs welcomes esteemed hubs such as REDSTART TUNISIA, ILEY’COM, Impact Partner, Future Islands, and EgyptInnovate. These hubs bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the AfriLabs community, enriching its collective experience.

West African Ingenuity

In West Africa, AfriLabs embraces hubs like COUVEUSE PAPRICAI, EarlyFounders Labs, ACity Technology & Entrepreneurship Foundation, ZEBOX West Africa, and OnlineHubNG. These hubs epitomize the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that defines the region.

East African Innovation Hub

From East Africa, AfriLabs extends a warm welcome to C4DLab-Computing for Development Lab, Agri Frontier Growth Hub, and JASIRI. These hubs represent the cutting edge of technology and development in East Africa, driving positive change and transformation.

Southern Africa's Contribution

In Southern Africa, AfriLabs embraces hubs such as Silulo Foundation, UWC Future-Innovation Lab, and Entrepreneurial Planning Institute – DigBiz Network. These hubs embody the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, paving the way for economic empowerment and growth in the region.

Director's Perspective

Mayssa Mrabet, Director of Community at AfriLabs, expresses excitement about the network's expansion. "We're thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our 16 newest members," says Mrabet. "Joining the vibrant AfriLabs innovation and technology family, these hubs will contribute to the collective pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship across Africa."