In a bid to propel innovation, ignite youth entrepreneurship, and usher in a new era for Moroccan agriculture, the Green OpenLab Foundation announces the commencement of AgriExpo Sefrou 2023. This groundbreaking event, slated to unfold at the FirmaTech Campus in Sefrou, Morocco, on December 19-20, is poised to be a catalyst for transformative change in the agricultural landscape of the region.

Unveiling AgriExpo Sefrou 2023

AgriExpo Sefrou 2023 emerges as a beacon of agricultural transformation, with a mission to integrate innovation seamlessly into Morocco's farming practices. The event promises a dynamic two-day program that goes beyond traditional expos, aiming to reshape the contours of agriculture through strategic partnerships, insightful sessions, and hands-on demonstrations.

Day One: The Unveiling of Possibilities

The inaugural day, set for Tuesday, kicks off with an opening session featuring welcoming speeches, official presentations, and collaborative agreements with industry partners. At the heart of the morning lies a keynote address by an expert, delving into the challenges and prerequisites awaiting the farmers of tomorrow.

The morning plenary shifts focus to the pivotal role of the Tech ecosystem in driving Morocco's agricultural development, drawing insights from a diverse array of speakers. As the day progresses, afternoon sessions will illuminate innovative projects in collaboration with industry giants, complemented by live demonstrations and interactive networking opportunities.

Day Two: A Vision for AgriTech in Fes-Meknes

The second day of AgriExpo Sefrou 2023 continues the momentum with a keynote from a distinguished expert, shedding light on an AgriTech initiative in the Fes-Meknes region. The day unfolds with significant partnership signings and a deep dive into workshops centered on the olive oil value chain in the Fes-Meknes region, facilitated by an international firm.

The day's plenary focuses on the indispensable role of young entrepreneurs in modernizing agricultural value chains, engaging key sector players. The afternoon features an olive oil producers' competition, accompanied by the unveiling of the Green Open Challenge—a collaborative project with influential entities.

Green OpenLab Foundation: Bridging Innovators and Farmers

At the heart of this initiative is the Green OpenLab Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to promoting youth entrepreneurship in rural areas. By adopting an open innovation approach, the foundation seeks to bridge the gap between farmers and budding innovators, advocating for technological adoption among farmers while raising awareness among the youth regarding climate and food-related challenges.

Amine Zarouk's Vision: Modernizing Moroccan Agriculture

Expressing his views on AgriExpo Sefrou, Amine Zarouk, President of the Green OpenLab Foundation, emphasizes that the event is not merely a gathering but a pivotal step towards modernizing agriculture in Morocco. He envisions leveraging innovation and entrepreneurship to fortify the resilience of the agricultural sector against climate challenges, ensuring Morocco's food sovereignty.

Zarouk states, "We are honored to support, in alignment with royal directives, and contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Generation Green strategy 2020-2030."

Powering Agricultural Transformation

AgriExpo Sefrou 2023 boasts a distinguished list of sponsors from both private and public entities. Among them are the Fes-Meknes Region, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University of Fes, Agrinova Fes-Meknes, INDH Sefrou, and banking group Credit Agricole. The impressive lineup also includes Pellenc Maroc, Elephant Vert Maroc, Cosumar, Mascir Laboratory, CRI Fes-Meknes, Chamber of Agriculture Fes-Meknes, National School of Agriculture of Meknes, and OFPPT, among others.

AgriExpo Sefrou 2023 stands at the crossroads of innovation, entrepreneurship, and agricultural transformation, poised to leave an indelible mark on Morocco's farming landscape.