Leading MENA healthtech company, Almouneer, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with the International Medical Center (IMC), one of the Middle East and Africa’s (MEA) most advanced medical facilities. This collaboration aims to create a Center of Excellence for Eyecare and Digital Chronic Care Management in the region, aligning with Egypt Vision 2030’s health pillar and the Digital Egypt strategy to enhance healthcare accessibility through digitalization.

Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Healthcare

The partnership is spearheaded by Major General Professor Dr. Hisham M. El Shishtawy, General Manager of IMC, and Professor Dr. Noha Khater, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Almouneer. Combining IMC’s comprehensive medical capabilities with Almouneer's pioneering digital health technologies, this alliance aims to provide consultant-led medical services with top-tier experts serving patients across the region.

Integration of Advanced Technologies

Patients will benefit from Almouneer’s state-of-the-art software and extensive international network of consultants. This includes the region’s first bilingual Arabic/English health companion app, Dru. The collaboration will transform the clinic into a leading center for surgical interventions in Ophthalmology, with a particular focus on corneal transplant surgery and diabetic eye care management. The world-renowned consultants will assess patients, determine required treatment options, and perform surgical procedures using cutting-edge technologies available exclusively at IMC.

Almouneer’s Innovative Digital Health Solutions

Almouneer’s approach includes custom-developed practice and patient management platforms, such as NoRa, which integrate seamlessly with medical diagnostics and imaging. Utilizing innovative open APIs aligned with global industry standards like HISS, these platforms gather data from the latest wearable devices, logging healthcare metrics and potentially integrating AI to streamline patient management and enhance treatment outcomes.

Enhancing Patient Care

Dr. Noha Khater, CEO and Co-Founder of Almouneer, emphasized the significance of this partnership: “This collaboration with IMC marks a milestone for Almouneer. By combining our expertise in Ophthalmology, chronic disease management, especially Diabetes, and digital health solutions with Egypt’s leading and most advanced medical facility, we are committed to providing exceptional care and continuous innovation to enhance patient outcomes.”

Setting New Standards in Ophthalmic Care

The partnership is set to establish a new standard in medical services in Egypt and the broader MEA region. Almouneer and IMC anticipate that the integration of advanced medical and digital health technologies will lead to improved patient care and satisfaction.

Future Prospects

By leveraging IMC’s advanced medical capabilities and Almouneer's digital health expertise, this collaboration aims to revolutionize ophthalmic care and chronic disease management. This partnership is expected to significantly impact patient outcomes, setting a benchmark for healthcare excellence in the region.