Amb. Dr. Young Piero O. is the name of the individual behind Jet Age Nation Builders, a company founded in 2015. Jet Age Nation Builders, also known as JANB, is a Continental Organization with a significant mission. It aims to promote Continental advancement, investment, peace, security, industrialization, partnership, and collaboration among African countries.

JANB operates as a collective of independent organizations and member states and investors from all over the world. Its primary objectives include bridging the gaps between African governments and their citizens, promoting peace in troubled regions, encouraging youth participation in policy-making, supporting African governments, fostering the industrialization of the continent, and facilitating economic development.

JANB's mission is centered on empowerment, education, innovation, and development to create a continent that appeals to all through its initiatives across nations. Its vision is to promote collaboration within African countries and streamline business operations through policy-making. The core value of JANB is about utilizing available resources to achieve desirable outcomes.

The inspiration for founding this venture came from a deep passion for Africa and its people. Dr. Young Piero O. embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, determined to overcome the challenges of his non-privileged background. He strongly believes in turning his imaginative ideas into positive realities and uses skepticism from others as motivation.

Dr. Young Piero O. has received recognition through awards and nominations. Notable among them are the "Most Influential African Youth" award by the American Educational Foundation in 2021, the "Icon of Nigerian Democracy" title by the North Youth Council of Nigeria in 2019, and the "Youngest Stakeholder in Niger Delta" recognition by the Government of Delta State in 2009. He also received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Togo.

In the face of challenges, he maintains a determined and resolute attitude, believing that where there's a will, there's a way.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr. Young Piero O. offers a simple piece of advice: All you need is that one "yes," and that affirmation should come from within. Afterward, unwavering focus and a passion for consistency are key to realizing your goals in the world of business.