In the dynamic landscape of African technology, companies like Appkings Solutions Limited, co-founded by Kenyan entrepreneur Simon Okoth, are at the forefront of driving digital innovation. Specializing in Software Development, ICT Consultancy, and Business Solutions, Appkings has emerged as a key player in revolutionizing how organizations harness technology.

Vision and Mission

Appkings envisions bridging the gap between modern technology and client needs. Their mission is clear: to be the leading Pan-African IT company for consultation services and deployment of the best business solutions for domestic and international customers.

Inception and Inspiration

The genesis of Appkings stems from Simon Okoth's observation of a gap between client needs and the available solutions while working in a different company. This realization fueled the ambition to provide better solutions, leading to the establishment of Appkings Solutions Limited.

Comprehensive Services

Appkings offers a spectrum of services including Software Design and Development, Project Management, System Auditing, System Support Services, and Business Process Automation. They specialize in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, Microsoft SharePoint EDMS, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Academic Administration Solutions, Business Intelligence Solutions, Web Portals, and Mobile Applications.

Revenue Generation & Target Market

The company sustains profitability by responding to tenders, proposals, and internal marketing efforts, securing contracts for major ERP solutions. Their revenue model is built around delivering successful projects, ensuring client satisfaction and retention. With a target market that spans across all industries and sectors, Appkings aims to automate processes and services for any existing organization. Their flexibility and customization cater to the unique needs of diverse clients.

Client-Centric Approach

Appkings sets itself apart by focusing on bridging the gap between software and user requirements. Customization of systems to align with international standards ensures that clients receive tailored, efficient solutions. Client testimonials, such as the one from Karatina University, attest to Appkings' extensive knowledge and mastery of software development, leading to contract renewals and continued partnerships.

Appkings has marked significant achievements, including the development of an ERP solution for the dairy industry (e-dairy), an end-to-end ERP solution for the flower industry in Kenya, and recognition as the best ERP solution provider for the academic sector in Kenya.

The entrepreneurial journey hasn't been without challenges. Cash flow management and unfair competition were obstacles faced and overcome through client understanding, team training, and a commitment to providing quality solutions.

Appkings stays ahead by investing in research, targeting non-automated sectors, and addressing the needs of struggling industries. Their innovative solutions have identified virgin sectors like Dairy and Flowers, filling the void with tailored systems.

Future Ventures

Appkings is excited about their ERP solution for the flower industry, a unique offering in East Africa. Their long-term vision involves expanding solutions beyond Kenya to the rest of Africa, with upcoming demonstrations in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Simon Okoth encourages aspiring entrepreneurs not to be deterred by the initial challenges, emphasizing that lack of money should never be an excuse.

As Appkings continues to pioneer digital transformation, its impact reverberates across industries, contributing to Africa's technological advancement.