In the vibrant landscape of African startups, BasiGo, a Kenyan company, is shining brightly with its groundbreaking Pay-As-You-Drive model. This innovative approach is making electric buses more accessible to operators, opening up exciting possibilities for the wider adoption of electric buses across the continent. BasiGo's impressive strides have not gone unnoticed, as it recently clinched the prestigious Mobility and Logistics award at the Global Startup Awards (GSA) Africa Summit.

The Game-Changing Pay-As-You-Drive Model

At the heart of BasiGo's success is its pioneering Pay-As-You-Drive program, a model that is redefining the way electric buses are used and made accessible. The core features of this program include:

1. Daily Subscription Fee: Operators are billed a reasonable daily subscription fee based on the kilometers driven, making electric buses financially viable for a broader range of players.

2. Direct Billing: Billing and payments are streamlined, occurring directly between operators and BasiGo.

3. Comprehensive Service: The subscription covers nightly charging of the bus's battery, standard service and maintenance, and even includes a safeguard – free battery replacement in case of issues.

4. Customer-Centric Approach: BasiGo's program goes above and beyond with dedicated customer care, roadside assistance, software upgrades, and more.

This innovative model effectively lowers the barriers to entry for players in Africa's public transport sector, fostering a more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation network.

From Kenya to Rwanda: Electrifying Public Transport

BasiGo commenced its operations in Kenya, with ambitious plans to deploy over 1,000 electric buses in the country within the next few years. Not content with just transforming Kenya's public transport, BasiGo is now expanding its horizons to Rwanda. The launch of BasiGo Rwanda Ltd. marks a significant step toward electrifying Rwanda's public transportation system. In this endeavor, BasiGo has joined forces with AC Mobility, a key provider of automated fare collection systems for public transport in Rwanda.

This collaboration aims to introduce 200 electric buses to Rwandan bus operators by the close of 2024, further driving the adoption of electric buses on the continent.

BasiGo's Commitment to Sustainability and Recognition

As BasiGo electrifies public transport, it simultaneously contributes to environmental conservation. Its remarkable efforts have earned the company well-deserved recognition. The recent honor as the top Mobility and Logistics startup at the GSA Africa Summit reaffirms BasiGo's significant strides in building a sustainable and inclusive public transport system.

Moses Ndiritu, Chief Revenue Officer of BasiGo, emphasizes their dedication to sustainable, cost-effective electric buses, with plans to deploy 1,000 buses in East Africa within three years. Moreover, BasiGo believes that e-mobility solutions play a vital role in mitigating climate change, especially in regions like Africa that are most affected by its consequences.

As BasiGo continues to make substantial contributions to the electrification of public transport in Kenya, Rwanda, and beyond, the recognition they've received at the GSA Africa Summit is not just an accolade; it's a testament to their enduring commitment to transforming public transit into a cleaner, more sustainable, and cost-effective experience for all.