A New Dawn for African Businesses

In a strategic move set to redefine financial services for African businesses, Bloc, a pioneer in Banking-as-a-Service, has unveiled its much-anticipated business banking product. This landmark launch propels Bloc into a new era, empowering businesses to harness the myriad opportunities within the global market.

Bloc's Business Banking Unveiled

The centerpiece of this unveiling is Bloc's flagship business banking product, meticulously crafted to offer organizations seamless access to a spectrum of financial services. From the essentials such as corporate bank accounts, transfers, to virtual cards, Bloc has partnered with licensed banks, including Bloc Microfinance Bank, Providus Bank, and Sterling Bank, to power these fundamental services.

Elevating Business Banking to New Heights

Beyond the basics, Bloc Business Banking aims to elevate the banking experience with an array of advanced features and value-added services. Customers can now revel in the convenience of USD accounts, facilitating global payments, streamlined bill payments, and the flexibility of custom checkouts and payment links. This strategic rollout is poised to unfold over the coming months.

Bloc's Journey

Bloc's foray into business banking comes on the heels of its commendable track record in powering startups over the last two years. The company has been instrumental in enabling startups to seamlessly integrate financial services into their products through its innovative Banking-as-a-Service infrastructure. Now, with Bloc Business Banking, the focus shifts to providing a comprehensive solution, aiding businesses in revenue management and financial stewardship as they scale within the Bloc ecosystem.

Future Outlook

As Bloc continues its rollout, businesses can anticipate a suite of advanced features designed to optimize their banking experience. The roadmap includes USD accounts, facilitating global transactions; bill payment functionalities; and customizable checkout options, setting the stage for Bloc to emerge as a one-stop financial solution for businesses of all scales.