Bolt, a leading ride-hailing company, has unveiled an innovative addition to its offerings in Kenya by introducing electric motorcycles. This strategic move is made possible through collaborative partnerships with industry leaders such as M-KOPA, Roam Electric, and Ampersand.

Electric Motorcycles on the Bolt Platform

The introduction of electric motorcycles marks a significant milestone for Bolt's long-term sustainability strategy. Riders now have the option to request electric 'boda-boda' motorcycle rides directly through the Bolt platform. These electric bikes promise quieter rides and reduced carbon dioxide emissions, aligning with Bolt's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Ambitious Goals: Onboarding 1,000 Electric Bikes

Bolt aims to onboard 1,000 electric bikes onto its platform by the end of the year, with plans to expand to over 5,000 bikes within the next two years. While this goal is ambitious, Bolt is confident in its ability to achieve it through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts.

Empowering Drivers through Strategic Partnerships

Roam Electric and Ampersand, renowned manufacturers of electric motorcycles, play a crucial role in Bolt's electrification journey. Roam Electric has been manufacturing electric vehicles and charging infrastructure since 2017, while Ampersand specializes in commercial-use electric motorcycles. Ampersand's partnership with Total to establish charging/battery swapping stations further enhances accessibility and convenience for riders.

Financing with M-KOPA

M-KOPA, Kenya's largest financier of electric motorbikes, facilitates affordable ownership for prospective drivers. By leveraging M-KOPA's fintech platform, Bolt subsidizes the cost of electric motorcycles, making them accessible to drivers at competitive prices. Through vehicle financing provided by M-KOPA, riders can access electric bikes at rates equal to or below those of comparable petrol alternatives.

Advantages of Electric Motorcycles for Boda Boda Riders

Electric motorcycles offer significant cost savings, with potential operational cost reductions of up to 40%. This translates to increased revenue for boda boda riders, who can benefit from lower fuel expenses and reduced maintenance costs. According to Josh Whale, Founder and CEO of Ampersand, this reduction in operational costs enables riders to maximize their earnings and improve their livelihoods.

Driving Towards a Sustainable Future

Bolt's initiative to introduce electric motorcycles underscores its commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. By embracing eco-friendly alternatives and forging strategic partnerships, Bolt is paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future in Kenya's transportation sector.