Bolt, the renowned ride-hailing company, has made a significant stride into North Africa with its launch in Cairo, Egypt. This move positions Bolt in direct competition with other transport service providers like Uber and inDrive, marking a pivotal moment in the company's strategic growth plan on the African continent.

Capturing the Egyptian Market

Bolt's entry into Cairo comes with enticing incentives for both riders and drivers. To attract riders, Bolt offers a generous half-off discount for a six-month duration, entirely covered by the company. In a bid to incentivize drivers, Bolt is waiving the standard 15% commission fee typically imposed, allowing drivers to keep their entire earnings from trips. This move underscores Bolt's commitment to fostering growth and partnership opportunities in Egypt.

Strategic Investment in Africa

Bolt's expansion into Egypt aligns with its substantial financial commitment to broadening its presence across Africa. With a dedicated investment plan of €500 million (approximately $542.8 million), Bolt aims to capture a larger market share and create job opportunities for over 300,000 potential drivers on the continent. By offering competitive pricing and favorable terms for drivers, Bolt seeks to stimulate demand and enhance service accessibility in Egypt.

Competitive Pricing Strategy

Haitham Mansour, Country Manager of Bolt Egypt, emphasizes the company's strategic approach to pricing to stimulate demand and ensure driver satisfaction. By maintaining lower commission fees compared to competitors, Bolt enables drivers to earn more while providing customers with attractive service fees. This pricing strategy underscores Bolt's commitment to delivering value to both drivers and riders in the Egyptian market.

Expanding African Footprint

Bolt's expansion into Egypt marks its 15th market debut in Africa, reflecting the company's continued growth and expansion efforts on the continent. Since its inception in South Africa in 2016, Bolt has steadily expanded its presence, launching in several African countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Zambia, Tanzania, and Uganda. The launch in Egypt further solidifies Bolt's position as a leading player in the African ride-hailing market.

As Bolt continues to expand its operations across Africa, the launch in Egypt represents a strategic move to tap into new markets, drive innovation, and create opportunities for drivers and riders alike. With its customer-centric approach and commitment to affordability and accessibility, Bolt is poised to revolutionize the transportation landscape in Egypt and beyond.