Sprints, a pioneering edtech startup based in Egypt, is on a mission to tackle the pressing issue of the tech skills gap across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. With a unique approach centered on personalized courses in technology and artificial intelligence (AI), coupled with a groundbreaking payment model tied to employment outcomes, Sprints is rapidly gaining traction in the edtech landscape.

Revolutionizing Edtech in MEA

Amidst burgeoning investor interest, Sprints emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of edtech, offering innovative hiring programs that guarantee employment. Founded in 2019 by Ayman Bazaraa and Bassam Sharkawy, Sprints is dedicated to bridging the tech talent deficit in the MEA region through tailored online training programs encompassing software development, AI, cybersecurity, data science, and cloud computing.

The Sprints Approach

Drawing inspiration from the agile methodology, Sprints structures its learning framework around the concept of sprints—short, iterative cycles aimed at delivering tangible outcomes aligned with real-world projects and client needs. Bazaraa elucidates, "Our courses are designed to be agile and iterative, mirroring the dynamic nature of technology companies."

Addressing the Skills Gap: A Call to Action

Sprints' inception stems from the glaring disparity between the educational landscape and industry demands in Egypt. Bazaraa emphasizes the urgency of closing this gap, stating, "There exists a mismatch between the skills imparted by the education system and the requirements of employers." Through its "learn, work, and pay later" model, Sprints empowers learners to access courses at no upfront cost, with payment contingent on securing employment—a paradigm shift in edtech financing.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating with government ministries and private enterprises, Sprints endeavors to scale its impact and reach. By partnering with the ministries of communication and social solidarity, the company secures funding to finance training programs, thereby democratizing access to education. Additionally, strategic alliances with businesses bolster revenue streams, with companies incentivized to hire Sprints' graduates.

AI-Powered Learning: Shaping the Future

At the core of Sprints' methodology lies the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance learning outcomes and tailor courses to industry needs. Bazaraa underscores the pivotal role of AI across all sectors, asserting, "AI is indispensable in driving innovation and efficiency." By harnessing AI algorithms, Sprints customizes content delivery, assessment, and skill tracking, ensuring learners are equipped with relevant competencies.

A Global Vision

With ambitious expansion plans on the horizon, Sprints aims to transcend geographical boundaries and become a global leader in edtech. Bazaraa envisions a future where Sprints' reach extends to every corner of the globe, with a goal of educating 1 billion individuals over the next decade. Through strategic partnerships and physical expansions in key markets, Sprints is poised to realize its vision of transforming lives through accessible, impactful education.