In a momentous occasion for African entrepreneurship, Small Business Development Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams is set to host the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC+Africa) in Cape Town from March 13-14.

Uniting Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders

GEC+Africa serves as a gathering of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and practitioners dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship as a catalyst for economic growth and societal transformation. With the support of public and private sector partners, including 22 on Sloane, the congress aims to ignite entrepreneurial activity across the continent.

A Pan-African Perspective

Expecting over 1,500 delegates from more than 50 African nations, GEC+Africa provides a platform for startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), investors, policymakers, and entrepreneurship support organizations to converge and collaborate. This diverse assembly underscores the continent-wide commitment to fostering innovation and driving inclusive growth.

Objectives of GEC+Africa

GEC+Africa is poised to achieve several key objectives:

- Supporting Innovation: By nurturing innovative startups and SMEs, the congress aims to spur economic development and job creation.

- Facilitating Market Access: Creating market linkages for African entrepreneurs enables them to scale their ventures and access new opportunities.

- Attracting Investment: Building a robust investor pipeline is crucial for fueling the growth of startups and SMEs across Africa.

- Strengthening Ecosystems: Establishing GEC-affiliated organizations in each African country will bolster entrepreneurship ecosystems and foster sustainable growth.

Showcasing South Africa's Entrepreneurial Prowess

South Africa's vibrant startup ecosystem will take center stage at GEC+Africa, highlighting the country's strides in producing innovative entrepreneurs. With robust supporting institutions and a conducive environment for enterprise development, South Africa stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial excellence on the continent.

Commitment to Growth and Sustainability

The Department of Small Business Development reaffirms its dedication to fostering a conducive environment for small enterprises' growth and sustainability. Collaborating with partners, the department remains steadfast in strengthening South Africa's entrepreneurial ecosystem and driving economic prosperity.

As Cape Town prepares to host GEC+Africa, the stage is set for an inspiring convergence of entrepreneurial minds, paving the way for transformative innovation and inclusive growth across Africa.