Nurturing Educational Technology Pioneers

In a bid to catalyze transformative change in Africa's educational landscape, the Co-creation Hub (CcHub) partners with the Mastercard Foundation to unveil the second cohort of twelve groundbreaking educational technology startups for the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship. This collaborative initiative aims to empower startups with the resources and support necessary to drive innovation and excellence in education across the continent.

A Visionary Alliance

In February 2023, Innovation Village reported the inception of a strategic alliance between CcHub and the Mastercard Foundation to inaugurate an ed-tech accelerator program. With a substantial US$15 million investment, the program initially focused on nurturing startups in Kenya and Nigeria. Following a successful inaugural year, marked by significant strides in the educational technology sector, the fellowship expands its reach to its second cohort of startups.

Empowering Educational Visionaries

The Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship offers a comprehensive suite of support services to its participating startups. These include technical assistance, advisory services, mentorship programs, specialized courses in learning science, and access to a vast global network, all aimed at amplifying the impact of the selected enterprises. Among the twelve chosen startups are innovative ventures such as Topset, Exam Scholars, Data Entry Academy (DEA), and Genti Media, each poised to revolutionize learning experiences through their unique offerings.

The Cohort Highlights

The cohort encompasses a diverse range of educational technology solutions, including language learning platforms, test preparation tools, online academies, and storytelling platforms. Startups like Edusko, Harde Business, Magic Lab Academy, and Proud African Roots showcase the breadth and depth of innovation within the educational technology space.

A Bright Future Ahead

Nissi Madu, Managing Partner at CcHub, expresses unwavering optimism regarding the potential of the newly selected startups to drive meaningful change in educational technology across the region. Building on the success of the inaugural cohort, there is palpable anticipation for the second cohort to make significant strides in enhancing educational outcomes for students in Nigeria and beyond.