Logidoo, a rising star in African logistics and e-commerce, has secured a significant milestone with a $1.55 million seed funding round. This investment, led by esteemed venture capitalists, validates Logidoo's innovative approach to revolutionizing Africa's logistics sector and bridging the gap between first-mile and last-mile delivery services.

Validating Innovation: Venture Capital Support

The seed funding round, led by prestigious investors including Maroc Numeric Fund II, 216 Capital, Gullit VC, Founders Factory Africa, Sunny Side Venture Partners, and Kalys Ventures, underscores the market's confidence in Logidoo's vision. By focusing on cross-border logistics, Logidoo aims to make the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) a tangible reality, addressing a critical challenge of low intra-trade in Africa.

Unique Value Proposition: Pioneering 5PL Solutions

Logidoo distinguishes itself as a "Cross-border end-to-end 5PL" provider, offering comprehensive logistics solutions that transcend traditional boundaries. This innovative approach positions Logidoo as a visionary company driving the realization of the AfCFTA vision.

Traction and Efficiency: Demonstrated Success

With over 3,000 logistics suppliers, 100,000 operations completed, and 400 clients served across 8 African countries, Logidoo has demonstrated remarkable traction and operational efficiency. Achieving EBITDA positive status since January 2023 further underscores Logidoo's financial health and business acumen.

Strategic Expansion and Leadership Enhancement

In 2023, Logidoo initiated an ambitious expansion plan, extending its franchise network to 5 African countries. Bolstered by the latest funding, this strategic expansion aims to solidify Logidoo's presence across the continent. Additionally, the addition of experienced executives to the team, including key positions like CFO and COO, enhances Logidoo's leadership strength.

Founder-Market Fit: Expertise and Vision

Founder Tamsir Ousmane Traoré, with a decade of logistics experience and a background in teaching logistics, along with Mohamed Alaoui, a veteran in the 3PL and courier sector, embody the perfect Founder-Market Fit. Their expertise instills confidence in Logidoo's direction and strategy.

Pioneering Inter-African Trade

With gratitude to historical and new investors, Logidoo aims to become the essential platform for inter-African trade development. By increasing transactional volumes between logistical corridors, Logidoo seeks to drive economic growth and prosperity across the continent, marking a new era of innovation and progress in African logistics and e-commerce.