Kenyan Business Luminary Takes the Helm

In a strategic move, Diageo Africa has appointed John Musunga, a seasoned Kenyan business executive, to lead its newly established South, West, and Central Africa (SWC) division. This appointment underscores Diageo's commitment to dynamic leadership and operational excellence in key markets.

Musunga's Ascension: From Guinness Nigeria to Diageo SWC

John Musunga, who has been at the helm of Guinness Nigeria since October last year, now assumes the pivotal role of Managing Director for Diageo SWC, based in London. Diageo, a global leader in alcoholic beverages, has strategically restructured its operational landscape, with Musunga at the forefront of this transformative journey.

Diageo's Operational Restructuring: A Vision Unveiled

Diageo's operational model now encompasses three distinct markets: EABL, Guinness Nigeria (with a focus on beer and mainstream spirits), and the newly formed SWC hub. The SWC business market is set to cover Southern Africa, the Indian Ocean, and West and Central Africa, including key markets such as Ghana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Seychelles.

Leadership Commendation

Dayalan Nayager, Diageo Africa President, commended John Musunga as an esteemed leader with a remarkable track record spanning over two decades. The new operational model reflects Diageo's strategic vision for optimizing its presence in diverse and dynamic African markets.

Effective Leadership from January 1, 2024

As the SWC business market takes shape, John Musunga officially assumes the role of Managing Director, effective January 1, 2024. His appointment symbolizes a strategic move by Diageo to leverage Musunga's leadership prowess in steering the company through evolving market landscapes.

Succession Planning at Guinness Nigeria

With Musunga's transition, Adebayo Alli has been appointed as the incoming Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Guinness Nigeria, effective January 1, 2024. This succession plan ensures a seamless transition, placing the capable executive management team in charge of the business's continued success.

Musunga's Vision for the Future

Expressing his enthusiasm about the new role, Musunga conveyed his confidence in Guinness Nigeria's future under the leadership of Adebayo Alli. He emphasized the strength and commitment of the executive management team, foreseeing even greater heights for the business in the coming years.

A Legacy of Performance and Engagement

Musunga joined Diageo in 2021 as the Managing Director of Kenya Breweries Limited. His leadership acumen was particularly evident as he steered the Nigeria business through significant socio-economic volatility, achieving high engagement scores in Africa and Diageo. His focus on talent growth and operational performance set the stage for his pivotal role in the SWC division.

Global Experience at GSK

Before joining Diageo, Musunga had a highly successful career at GSK, where he held various senior global and regional roles. His global experience and strategic insights have been instrumental in shaping his dynamic leadership approach.

Visionary Leader for Diageo SWC

John Musunga's appointment as the Managing Director for Diageo SWC marks a significant chapter in Diageo's strategic journey in African markets. With a wealth of experience and a track record of success, Musunga is poised to lead the SWC division to new heights, driving innovation, growth, and operational excellence.