Strategic Investment to Bolster North African Enterprises

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has committed up to $40 million to the newly established SPE PEF III fund, managed by SPE Capital. This investment aims to strengthen mid-sized enterprises across Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, driving economic growth and development in the region.

SPE PEF III Fund: A Vehicle for Long-Term Growth

The SPE PEF III fund is designed to foster long-term capital appreciation through equity and quasi-equity investments. While its primary focus is on North Africa, the fund also has the potential to extend its investment activities to select sub-Saharan African countries. This initiative seeks to provide the necessary financial support to mid-cap companies, enabling them to expand and thrive.

Building on a Successful Partnership

This investment marks a continuation of the successful collaboration between EBRD and SPE Capital, which began with EBRD’s investment in the predecessor fund, SPE AIF I, during 2019-2020. The SPE AIF I fund has played a crucial role in the growth of nine companies across various industries, including healthcare, education, consumer goods, and food processing.

Expanding Regional Influence

Anne Fossemalle, EBRD’s Director for Private Equity Funds Investment, expressed enthusiasm for the ongoing partnership with SPE Capital. She highlighted SPE Capital’s strong regional presence, with offices in Tunis, Casablanca, Cairo, and Abidjan, as a key factor in effectively supporting African enterprises. Fossemalle praised SPE Capital’s ability to enhance operational efficiency, deliver strong investor returns, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the continent.

SPE Capital’s Commitment to Growth and Impact

Nabil Triki, Managing Partner and CEO of SPE Capital, expressed gratitude for EBRD’s unwavering support, which has been instrumental in the success of their private equity initiatives. Triki emphasized the significance of this support in achieving substantial financial returns while also creating lasting positive social and economic impacts within their markets.

A Catalyst for Sustainable Progress

Triki described the partnership with EBRD as a catalyst for sustainable progress and prosperity, benefiting both local communities and the broader economy. He affirmed that this collaborative effort underscores their mutual commitment to fostering robust, high-growth enterprises throughout North Africa and potentially other African regions.