A Milestone in Clean Cooking Technology

At the IEA Summit for Clean Cooking in Africa, EcoSafi, a prominent provider of clean cookstoves and sustainable biofuels, announced the launch of the EcoSafi BetterStove. This innovative product has received the first-ever ‘A’ rating for a clean cookstove project from BeZero Carbon, marking a significant milestone in EcoSafi's climate change efforts.

Addressing Global Cooking Challenges

Over 2 billion people globally still rely on wood, charcoal, or dung for cooking, contributing to significant carbon emissions, deforestation, and household air pollution. The EcoSafi BetterStove aims to tackle these issues by providing a clean, sustainable, and affordable cooking solution.

Introducing the EcoSafi BetterStove

The BetterStove represents a breakthrough in biomass cooking technology, offering gas-like performance using sustainable biofuel. Its sleek, modern design redefines the appearance of cookstoves, making it an attractive addition to any household.

Key Features and Benefits

- Efficiency: The BetterStove delivers unparalleled thermal efficiency and runtime, being 25% more efficient than its closest competitor. A single batch of biofuel provides up to 2.5 hours of cooking time.

- Affordability: EcoSafi’s biofuel is half the cost of charcoal or LPG, offering a superior cooking experience at a lower price.

- Cleanliness: Adhering to WHO standards, the BetterStove achieves tier 4+ for PM2.5 and tier 5 for CO, comparable to electric and LPG technologies.

- Sustainability: Operating at 95% cleaner efficiency than charcoal, it can reduce up to 3.5 tons of carbon emissions per customer annually. The stove's IoT-native design allows real-time carbon impact verification.

- Customer-Centric Design: Developed with extensive customer feedback, the BetterStove is built for long-term use and includes a lifetime warranty. Its remote sensing capabilities ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

CEO’s Vision and Commitment

“Families deserve a clean, low-cost, and reliable way to make dinner, one that won’t strain their pocketbook or harm our planet. This stove outperforms any biomass stove currently available, saving families both time and money while also helping to cool the planet,” said EcoSafi CEO Tom Price.

“We are thrilled to provide our customers with a premium product that was designed with their feedback, addressing their needs and wants at every step. Our new cookstove boasts a clean, modern design that customers will be proud to use in their homes. At EcoSafi, we are dedicated to quality, from the stoves themselves to the sustainable biofuel pellets that power them, and the carbon credits we offer. This new stove embodies that ethos and our commitment to delivering the best products and service possible.”

EcoSafi’s innovative approach has garnered significant recognition:

- First Carbon Credits Issued in Africa: Last week, EcoSafi announced the issuance of the first carbon credits in Africa under Gold Standard’s Metered and Measured Energy Cooking Devices (MECD) methodology. These credits are valued at $30 each, significantly higher than the spot market price for cooking offsets.

- A’ Rating from BeZero: EcoSafi received the highest rating ever given by BeZero to a cookstove project, affirming its leadership in high-integrity carbon solutions.

Exhibition at Global Climate Events

EcoSafi was the sole cookstove company invited as a Climate Innovation Partner at COP28 UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai and was featured at the IEA Summit. These invitations highlight EcoSafi’s pivotal role in advancing clean cooking technologies.

Availability and Impact

Operating in Kenya and Uganda, EcoSafi offers stoves free of charge with a $5 service fee and a subscription to its affordable biofuel, made entirely from sugarcane waste. The BetterStove will be available to customers starting this summer, promising a cleaner, more sustainable future for cooking in Africa.