EdfaPay's Strategic Move

EdfaPay, a pioneering technical payments startup, has achieved a significant milestone in its expansion journey with the acquisition of a financial payments license for its subsidiary, WePay, in Tunisia. This development marks a crucial step towards bolstering EdfaPay's presence in Africa and solidifying its position as a leading provider of technical payment solutions.

Strengthening Market Presence

WePay, in collaboration with We-Settle, has successfully secured approval for its financial payment solutions in the Tunisian market. Naima Mawla, General Director of WePay, expressed pride in this accomplishment, highlighting its alignment with the company's ambitious goals and dedication to leveraging regional expertise to drive innovation in financial services.

EdfaPay and WePay Collaboration

The superior platform offered by WePay is the result of a strategic collaboration between EdfaPay from Saudi Arabia and WePay from Tunisia. This partnership aims to deliver integrated payment solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the global market while advancing technological innovation in the region.

Meeting Market Demands

EdfaPay's previous acquisitions of licenses from prominent global payment companies laid the groundwork for its entry into the Tunisian market. With plans to launch its services in May and several contracts already secured in Tunisia and Morocco, EdfaPay is poised to make a significant impact on the regional payments landscape.

Introducing FinTech Products

WePay is set to introduce innovative FinTech products, including checkout and SoftPOS solutions, designed to streamline payment processes and enhance user experiences. Additionally, the launch of WePay International, a cross-border payment service, underscores EdfaPay's commitment to providing seamless and secure payment solutions worldwide.

EdfaPay's Ambitious Expansion

Ghormallah Al-Ghamdi, founder and CEO of EdfaPay, expressed enthusiasm for the company's regional expansion, emphasizing its commitment to achieving excellence and global recognition. He credited the success of this expansion to the dedication of EdfaPay's talented team and the unwavering support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A Promising Future for EdfaPay

As EdfaPay's WePay ventures into the Tunisian market armed with its financial payments license, the company is poised to revolutionize the payment landscape in Africa and beyond. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and customer-centric solutions, EdfaPay is set to shape the future of digital payments in the region.