Pioneering Ad Tech from Egypt

dKilo, an innovative ad tech company based in Egypt, has recently secured a significant Seed funding round amounting to $3.20 million. The funding was announced during the prestigious Leap 2024 conference, held in Riyadh early March.

Lead by Upturn Ventures

Leading the fundraising effort is Upturn Ventures, a renowned venture builder specializing in e-commerce. The investment aims to catalyze the growth of home advertising within the Saudi market, marking a pivotal moment for dKilo.

Redefining Brand-Audience Engagement

dKilo is set to revolutionize how brands interact with audiences, transcending traditional digital spaces to unlock fresh opportunities for e-commerce businesses. By leveraging innovative approaches, the platform seeks to redefine the advertising landscape.

Bridging Digital and Real-World Engagement

In addition to enhancing digital advertising strategies, dKilo plans to establish a novel channel for brands to engage with consumers. Through mobility-driven initiatives, brands can seamlessly connect with their target audience in real-world environments, offering unparalleled opportunities for engagement.

LEAP 2024: A Global Tech Showcase

The funding announcement took place amidst the conclusion of the third edition of the LEAP conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With over 1,100 expert speakers and industry leaders in attendance, LEAP served as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the tech sphere.