Two Egyptian startups and one Tunisian venture have been selected among eight MENA-based companies for the Saudi-based climate-focused Mega Green Accelerator. This initiative, spearheaded by PepsiCo, SABIC, AstroLabs, and other partners, aims to advance innovative climate solutions in the region.

Overview of the Mega Green Accelerator

The Mega Green Accelerator is designed to nurture the next generation of innovators developing sustainable solutions to combat climate change. The program provides a platform for startups to scale their ideas, offering funding, mentorship, and market access over a six-month period. At the end of the program, one winning company will receive US$30,000 in funding to further their expansion.

Selected Startups from Egypt and Tunisia

From Egypt, Viridia Tech and P-VITA have been chosen for their groundbreaking work. Viridia Tech offers a platform for large-scale crop analytics for industrial agricultural companies. P-VITA is a biotechnology hub specializing in producing natural raw materials for the cosmetics and food and beverage industries using AI and IoT technologies.

The Tunisian startup, Kumulus, is also among the selected ventures. Kumulus focuses on innovative water technology, specifically Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) machines that convert air into fresh drinking water.

Additional Selected Startups

Other selected startups include:

- Mrüna and The Surpluss from the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

- Mirai Solar and Ahya Technologies from Saudi Arabia

- YY ReGen from Lebanon

These startups were chosen from 363 submissions, showcasing a diverse range of sustainable solutions across the MENA region.

Program Benefits and Goals

Throughout the six-month accelerator, the selected startups will benefit from funding, expert mentorship, and opportunities to access new markets. The program aims to foster cross-sector collaboration and support the development of practical climate technologies that address regional challenges.

Vision for the Future

Eugene Willemsen, CEO for Africa, Middle East, and South Asia at PepsiCo, emphasized the significance of this initiative. “With solutions spanning agriculture, water, and the energy sectors, this is an opportunity for us to accelerate the development of practical climate technologies crucial to address the MENA region’s challenges and strengthen our position as a testbed for climate innovation globally. Startups can act as epicentres of innovation, reshaping, disrupting, and defining our future. The Mega Green Accelerator provides the incentive to bolster this through cross-sector collaboration and nurture the region’s next generation of entrepreneurs by providing the needed mentorship, funding, and market access,” Willemsen stated.