Egyptian fintech startup bokra, known for its goal-based investment and savings platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Dahab Masr, a leading precious metals investment firm. This collaboration aims to launch a platform that facilitates investments in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, offering users a new way to diversify their portfolios.

A New Era of Precious Metals Investment

The bokra app provides personalized and balanced financial and investment planning across various asset classes. For the first time, it is built upon asset-backed securities, empowering users to manage and grow their wealth through fractional ownership of diverse products. This innovative approach allows investors to have a stake in high-value assets without needing significant capital upfront.

Launching Soon

Scheduled to launch in the second quarter of this year, bokra’s new platform begins by asking users to complete a comprehensive questionnaire. This survey helps determine their risk appetite, investment duration, and monthly contribution amount. Based on these inputs, users are matched with a portfolio containing a mix of instruments that align with their financial goals.

Recent Funding and Partnership

Last month, bokra successfully closed a $4.6 million pre-seed funding round. Building on this momentum, bokra has now partnered with Dahab Masr to introduce the “bokra Dahab” platform. This platform will be available to individuals and SMEs in Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, providing a secure and efficient process for investing in precious metals. This collaboration enables users to diversify their investment portfolios, enhancing financial stability and growth.

CEO's Vision

“Following our recent announcement of bokra’s goal-based investment app in asset-backed securities, we are proud to join forces with Dahab Masr to introduce our new platform, bokra Dahab,” said Ayman El-Sawy, founder and CEO of bokra Holding. “This collaboration allows us to expand our reach and provide investors with a unique opportunity to invest and save in precious metals. We are dedicated to introducing additional platforms in the near future, as we commit to transforming how individuals and SMEs approach wealth management, offering them the highest levels of seamlessness and security across our platforms.”

Strategic Collaborations

This partnership is the first of many strategic collaborations that bokra Holding plans with industry leaders across different asset classes. This approach aligns with bokra Holding’s strategy to extend its offerings with the backing of subject matter experts and experienced market leaders, ensuring robust and reliable investment opportunities for their users.