Addressing Widespread Health Challenges

Obesity and prediabetes cast a substantial health shadow across Africa and the Middle East, affecting over 40% of the population. Egypt records 20% of adults with diabetes, while Saudi Arabia faces a 30% diabetic prevalence. In Nigeria, one in 17 adults battles diabetes. Prediabetes and obesity, even more pervasive, pose a grave concern. Yet, these health crises are preventable through lifestyle management and monitoring.

In this landscape, Almouneer, an Egyptian health tech company, has emerged as a pivotal player. With a mission to revolutionize healthcare for those grappling with diabetes and obesity, it recently secured $3.6 million in funding. Dubai-based Global Ventures led this seed round, with support from international investors like Proparco, Digital Africa, and Wrightwood Investments. Almouneer is directing these funds towards the expansion of DRU, an innovative patient-centric, digitally-enabled lifestyle and diabetes management platform spanning the Middle East and Africa.

Bridging the Gap: Almouneer's Vision

Almouneer's vision stretches beyond conventional healthcare. It connects patients grappling with diabetes, prediabetes, and obesity to a vast network of healthcare providers and doctors through its app. The platform acts as a vital tool in prevention and management, empowering individuals to take control of their health. CEO Noha Khater highlighted that this seed investment will also attract top talent and explore product expansion into neighboring African and Middle Eastern markets, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Driving Change Through Growth

Almouneer's impact is substantial. It serves over 120,000 patients through a network of nine hospitals and clinics in Egypt. Over the past year, the health tech experienced remarkable growth, doubling its business volumes and revenue. This growth not only showcases Almouneer's influence but also reflects the pressing need for innovative healthcare solutions in the region.

From Vision to Reality: Almouneer's Journey

In 2017, Dr. Noha Khater, Almouneer's co-founder, started the company based on her personal experience as an ophthalmologist and practicing physician. Her exposure to the U.S. healthcare system, marked by seamless access to medical data and outstanding communication, fueled her drive to bring a similar standard of care to Egypt. Together with Rania Kadry, who serves as the CTO, they ventured to establish Almouneer.

DRU App: Transforming Diabetes Care

Initially, Almouneer began as tech-enabled clinics, focusing on ophthalmology. But recognizing the dire need for comprehensive healthcare solutions for diabetes and chronic diseases, it shifted its focus. This transformation led to the development of the DRU app, a game-changer in patient-centric healthcare. Through DRU, patients can manage medical records, access vital metrics, and engage with healthcare professionals through teleconsultation options.

A Journey of Innovation

Almouneer's journey has been one of innovation and dedication. The health tech's expansion plans include the launch of personalized treatment and nutrition plans, providing patients with customized solutions for uncontrolled diabetes and obesity. These revenue-generating services, along with marketplace offerings, signify Almouneer's commitment to holistic healthcare.

A Bright Future for Almouneer

The recent seed investment is pivotal for Almouneer. It will drive the adoption of the DRU app and expand the provider ecosystem, encompassing doctors, health coaches, labs, and nutritionists. As the health tech aims to become the lifelong companion of diabetic patients in the Middle East and Africa, it stands as a beacon of innovation and hope in addressing a pressing health concern. Almouneer's journey exemplifies the transformative power of healthcare technology and its role in shaping a healthier future.