Cairo Welcomes Global Innovators

As the vibrant capital of Egypt, Cairo is gearing up to host the fifth annual Startups Without Borders summit on May 11th. The esteemed event will take place at the cutting-edge Kamelizer Spaces, nestled in the contemporary District 5 area. With an exciting theme titled "Break Borders, Build Global Horizons," the summit promises to be a beacon of inspiration for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Fostering Global Connections

Over two dynamic days, the summit will convene a diverse cohort of 3,000 innovators from around the globe, alongside prominent figures from the tech industry. With participants spanning from the UK and Japan to Senegal and Saudi Arabia, the event boasts a truly international lineup. Notable speakers like Ibrahim Sagna, Sadaharu Seiku, and Michael Lints are set to grace the stage, sharing invaluable insights to empower entrepreneurs in thinking and operating on a global scale.

Insights from Valentina Primo

Founder and CEO of Startups Without Borders, Valentina Primo, reflects on the summit's significance amidst the region's challenges. With a six-year journey spanning cities across the MENA region and Europe, the organization remains steadfast in fostering a transnational ecosystem supportive of entrepreneurs worldwide. Primo underscores the pivotal role of unity and entrepreneurial spirit in transforming crises into opportunities, aiming to harness this momentum for cross-border collaboration.

Unveiling Innovation: The AI Salon

A standout feature of this year's summit is the debut of the AI Salon, a groundbreaking event format introduced in collaboration with Blitzscaling Ventures from the US. This innovative platform promises to delve into the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, marking a significant milestone for tech enthusiasts in the Middle East.

Cultivating Connections: The Investor Room

Amidst insightful talks and panel discussions, participants will have access to the exclusive Investor Room. Serving as a nexus for 460 meetings between startups and investors in 2023, this dynamic space facilitates tailored matchmaking based on industry relevance and geographical considerations. Entrepreneurs will seize the opportunity to engage in one-on-one meetings with investors from leading global venture capital firms, fostering critical connections for scaling operations and securing funding.

Igniting Global Collaboration

As the Startups Without Borders summit unfolds in Cairo, it epitomizes a nexus of innovation, collaboration, and opportunity. With a focus on breaking borders and cultivating global horizons, the event is poised to ignite the limitless potential of international cooperation, empowering entrepreneurs to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the global market.