In a groundbreaking move that promises to reshape the financial landscape of Egypt, Fawry FMCG has entered into a strategic partnership with Edita Food Industries. This collaboration aims to introduce cutting-edge solutions that will revolutionize electronic collection and payment systems, particularly within the food and beverage sector.

Empowering Edita: A 24/7 Financial Network

Under the terms of the agreement, Edita representatives and clients will now have the convenience of depositing funds seamlessly, 24/7, through the extensive Fawry retail network. This network spans across all governorates of Egypt, coupled with the accessibility of Fawry Plus branches.

Visionary Leadership: Ashraf Sabry's Perspective

Ashraf Sabry, Chairman of Fawry FMCG, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing its significance in Fawry FMCG's journey in the Egyptian market. Sabry highlighted the importance of partnering with "Edita," a major player in the food industry, to pioneer advancements in collection and payment systems. He underlined the commitment to leveraging innovative and highly secure technology solutions for the benefit of the food industry sector.

Fawry FMCG's Commitment to Digital Transformation

Fawry FMCG, renowned for its expertise in financial technology solutions for the consumer goods sector, is steadfast in delivering advanced financial solutions to partners across various industries. With a particular focus on the food and beverage sector, Fawry FMCG aims to propagate the culture of digital transformation, aligning with Egypt's Vision 2030 towards a cashless society.

Digital Ecosystem and Market Impact

As one of the largest electronic financial platforms in Egypt, Fawry FMCG serves consumers and companies through an extensive network comprising thousands of service points throughout the country. Presently, the platform caters to over 320,000 merchants and more than 100 consumer goods companies. The overarching goal is to digitize supply and demand processes, fostering a seamless, digital, and cashless ecosystem that enhances the relationship between retailers, sales representatives, and consumer goods companies.

Strategic Insights: Hani Berzi's Perspective

Hani Berzi, Chairman of Edita, expressed the company's delight in announcing the partnership with Fawry. Recognizing Fawry as Egypt's leading e-payment services provider, Berzi highlighted the collaborative efforts to digitize cash collection across Edita's merchant network. The partnership is poised to enhance trade cash management and overall operational efficiency for Edita, aligning with the company's commitment to digital transformation as a crucial aspect of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy.

The collaboration between Fawry FMCG and Edita signifies not only a technological leap forward but also a strategic alignment toward achieving shared objectives in the dynamic landscape of Egypt's financial future.