Bridging the Gap for Young Entrepreneurs

In a bid to empower young innovators and entrepreneurs across Africa, Futurize, a UK-based company specializing in impactful ventures, has been at the forefront of providing training and opportunities to access global markets.

Fuel Africa Flagship Programme

Under the esteemed Fuel Africa flagship programme, Futurize has successfully trained 1,300 university students from various African countries. The programme specifically focuses on fostering innovation in the health tech sector. Speaking at the 2023 Futurize Health Tech Summit held at Strathmore University in Nairobi, Rhea Singhla, the CEO of Futurize, highlighted the significant impact of this initiative.

Innovative Research Initiatives

Participating students from Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, and Mauritius engaged in extensive research, concentrating on critical health issues such as malaria, cancer, and hypertension. The conclusion of the incubator period, initiated in March of the same year, marked the fruition of their innovative ideas.

Equipping Entrepreneurs for Global Success

Rhea Singhla emphasized Futurize's commitment to equipping young entrepreneurs with essential skills, a forward-thinking mindset, and practical experiences. The goal is to enable them to establish companies capable of achieving global success. Beyond training, Futurize extends financial support, business incubation, and access to a global innovation ecosystem, providing a holistic approach to preparing entrepreneurs for real-world challenges.

Collaborative Efforts with African Universities

Futurize has strategically collaborated with major universities in Kenya, including Strathmore, Kenyatta University, Amref International University, and Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. This collaboration aims to provide specialized training to young entrepreneurs and innovators in the health tech space, fostering a synergistic relationship between academia and industry.

Futurize's Holistic Approach

Futurize is committed to addressing some of humanity's most pressing challenges, including healthcare, climate change, and fintech. The company leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enable university-led startups and students to develop innovative solutions.

Futurize Healthtech Summit 2023

The recently concluded Futurize Healthtech Summit 2023 served as a platform that brought together experts, policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors, and academics. This confluence facilitated exploration of the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the dynamic world of health technology.

Showcasing Innovations

Through leadership talks and interactive discussions, startups from the FuturizeU incubator and partner ecosystem seized the opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking solutions. This platform not only fosters visibility but also opens avenues for collaboration and investment.

Futurize's Impact on Uganda's Health Tech Scene

Highlighting the success stories emerging from Futurize's initiatives, Maritest, one of the startups in Uganda associated with Futurize, secured victory in this year's competition under the Fuel Africa flagship project. The team developed a bloodless diagnostic device utilizing AI and advanced sensor technology for non-invasive, automated malaria detection.