Catalyze, in collaboration with the African Development Bank (ADB) and Korea Africa Economic Cooperation (KOAFEC), has launched the Africa Tech Start-Up Forum. This groundbreaking program aims to empower and connect 160 tech ventures from eight African countries, namely Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa. Managed by Rex Bowden, the Managing Director of Catalyze, this initiative is set to drive growth and innovation within the African tech ecosystem.

A Strategic Approach

The Africa Tech Start-Up Forum will be implemented in specific phases to ensure effective management and optimal outcomes. The initial phase will focus on Resource Allocation, Strategic Impact Feasibility, Learning and Adaptation, Partnership Opportunities, and Proof of Concepts. By starting with a select group of eight countries, Catalyze aims to deliver tangible results while maintaining financial prudence and strategic focus.

Key Features of the Program

Participation in the Africa Tech Start-Up Forum is free, and Catalyze does not take any equity from the ventures involved. The program is designed to foster the growth and development of African tech ventures, providing them with invaluable training, networking opportunities, and access to potential investors. Notably, the top 20 participants will have their travel expenses covered for a two-week study tour in Korea in December, where they will engage with investors and showcase their innovations.

Structured Cohorts and Networking Opportunities

The program will consist of two cohorts, with a shortlist of 20 tech ventures selected from the initial 160 participants. These selected ventures will undergo 120 days of intensive training, culminating in a trip to Korea. During their visit, they will have the opportunity to participate in two demo days and an Investor Day, presenting their projects to potential investors and stakeholders.

Strategic Partnerships: Driving Success

The Africa Tech Start-Up Forum is supported by four key partners, each playing a vital role in its success. Ndara Works, Korea Start-Up Forum (KSF), UVU Africa, and Catalyze bring unique expertise and resources to the initiative, contributing to its overall impact and effectiveness. From economic development consultancy to business incubation and international events management, these partners collaborate to create a conducive environment for innovation and growth.

Extending Opportunities: Deadline Extension

Penny Persadh, the Candidate Manager for the Africa Tech Startup Forum, emphasizes the importance of this initiative and announces an extension of the application deadline until May 10, 2024. This extension provides aspiring tech entrepreneurs with additional time to register and seize the opportunity to participate in this transformative program.

The Africa Tech Start-Up Forum represents a significant milestone in fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the African tech ecosystem. With strategic partnerships, structured cohorts, and invaluable networking opportunities, this initiative is poised to empower the next generation of tech leaders and drive positive change across the continent.