Reeple, a pioneering Techstars-backed startup, unveils its innovative cross-border payment product, promising Nigerians living abroad a seamless and cost-effective solution for sending money home. With a user-friendly web app and a commitment to transparency, Reeple aims to simplify the money transfer process, empowering diasporan Africans to support their loved ones in Nigeria with greater ease and affordability.

Addressing Diaspora Challenges

CEO & Co-founder, Tomi Kolawole, underscores Reeple's dedication to addressing the challenges faced by Nigerians abroad when sending money home. By prioritizing competitive exchange rates, eliminating hidden fees, and providing real-time tracking, Reeple ensures that more value reaches recipients in Nigeria, empowering users to support their families without incurring excessive expenses.

Disrupting the Traditional Money Transfer Market

Reeple's launch aligns with a growing demand for convenient and affordable money transfer solutions tailored to the needs of diaspora communities. Beyond financial transactions, Reeple recognizes the importance of connecting with loved ones and providing vital support. Through transparency, affordability, and a focus on user experience, Reeple aims to disrupt the traditional money transfer market and redefine the cross-border payment landscape.

Strategic Partnership for Seamless Transactions

In a strategic alliance with Chimoney, a global fintech payment infrastructure provider and Techstars company based in Toronto, Canada, Reeple ensures seamless payment processes and expands its reach to regions beyond North America. This partnership not only enhances Reeple's global footprint but also positions it to meet the evolving needs of customers across Europe, Asia, and African countries.

Fueling Growth and Innovation

Backed by Techstars, a renowned global accelerator program, Reeple is poised to emerge as a major player in the cross-border payment arena. With Techstars' support, Reeple leverages its expertise and resources to drive growth, innovation, and market disruption. For Nigerians seeking a reliable and cost-effective way to send money home, Reeple's web app offers a promising solution.

Empowering Connections Across Borders

As Reeple redefines cross-border payments for diasporan Africans, it not only facilitates financial transactions but also strengthens familial bonds and community ties. Through transparency, affordability, and user-centric innovation, Reeple empowers users to focus on what truly matters: family and community. For Nigerians in the US or Canada, emerges as a beacon of hope for seamless and affordable money transfers.