A Visionary Investment in Zaio Technologies

In a strategic move aimed at reshaping the landscape of digital education, E Squared Investments has unveiled its substantial investment in Zaio Technologies, a dynamic EdTech platform founded by a group of young entrepreneurs. This infusion of funds is poised to propel Zaio's mission to revolutionize learning in the digital era.

Zaio Technologies: Pioneering Job-Focused Coding Training

Founded by CEO Mvelo Hlophe, CMO Harjot Singh, Head of Product Asif Hassam, and COO Akhil Boddu, Zaio Technologies is on a mission to bridge the gap in digital education, particularly in South Africa. The platform offers comprehensive coding training through full-stack, front-end, and back-end courses via their online Learning Management System. This initiative is not limited to individual consumers; Zaio caters to businesses, delivering customized learning programs to upskill employees and guide them in skills development initiatives.

Overcoming Challenges in South African Education

In South Africa, access to digital education is hindered by prohibitive costs, limited device availability, and life commitments. Zaio's approach tackles these challenges head-on by offering online, self-paced or bootcamp courses designed to provide students with certified IT skills within at least six months, accompanied by job placement assistance upon course completion.

Innovative Blended Learning: Zaio's Unique Approach

Zaio employs a blended learning approach, combining traditional teaching methods with interactive coding exercises and real-world projects. This holistic method, facilitated through Zaio's mobile app, AI Tutor, and video-based content, ensures a personalized and effective learning experience for students.

E Squared Investments and Injini EdTech Accelerator

E Squared Investments' backing of Zaio is complemented by a grant from the Injini EdTech Accelerator, highlighting the potential of collaborative efforts in maximizing the impact of investments. Gladwyn Leeuw, CEO of E Squared Investments, emphasizes the significance of empowering entrepreneurs for economic advancement, transformation, and social improvement through strategic investments.

Zaio's Commitment to Accessible Learning

CEO Mvelo Hlophe sheds light on Zaio's commitment to removing barriers to entry in the tech industry. Through a mobile app accessible from smartphones, Zaio provides a learning gateway for those without access to laptops. This innovative approach allows students to explore coding before making substantial commitments, aligning with Zaio's dedication to creating a user-friendly and responsive learning experience.

Path to Success: Earning Credits and Continuous Improvement

Zaio's courses not only equip students with valuable coding skills but also provide credits that validate their proficiency for business applications. The platform, under the leadership of Mvelo Hlophe, is dedicated to continuous improvement, exploring ways to enhance value for students without compromising course length.