Glint, a prominent investment firm based in Egypt, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful first close of its second venture fund. With the support of the Wadi Degla Group, Glint aims to catalyze the growth of Egyptian startups, fostering innovation and driving entrepreneurial success.

Mission and Vision

The primary objective of Glint's venture fund is to empower innovative entrepreneurs in Egypt, enabling them to establish disruptive, technology-driven businesses that have the potential to expand into regional and international markets. By providing strategic investment and support, Glint seeks to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem of thriving startups.

Investment Strategy

Glint focuses on investing between the Seed and Series A stages of startup development, offering ticket sizes ranging from $250,000 to $500,000. This strategic approach ensures that early-stage startups receive the necessary capital and resources to fuel their growth and scale their operations effectively.

Founding Partners

Established in 2018 by Tarek Aboualam and Youssef Helmy, Glint boasts a seasoned team with a track record of supporting successful Egyptian startups. With prior investments in companies like, Iqraaly, Wasla, Kashier, and Filkhedma, Glint's founders bring extensive experience and expertise to the table.

Venture Studio Model

Tarek Aboualam, Managing Partner at Glint, highlights the firm's unique Venture Studio model, which provides startups with a holistic ecosystem encompassing funding, business insights, operational support, and technical resources. This comprehensive approach enables startups to navigate challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Focus on Digital Innovation

Youssef Helmy, General Partner at Glint, emphasizes the fund's focus on digital and disruptive industries, particularly in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and fintech. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Glint aims to fuel innovation and drive transformation across various sectors of the economy.

Egypt's Thriving Startup Ecosystem

Egypt's startup ecosystem has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, emerging as a key player in North Africa and globally. With increased venture capital funding and supportive government policies, the country offers a conducive environment for entrepreneurial success. Tech-focused initiatives like Egypt Ventures and Nclude, supported by prominent institutions, further contribute to the ecosystem's vibrancy.