A Vision for Growth

Sawari Ventures, a leading investment firm, is poised to revolutionize the Egyptian startup landscape with the launch of a new fund aimed at raising $150 million. CEO and co-founder Hani Al Sanbati outlined the company's ambitious agenda, highlighting its commitment to bolstering sectors such as fintech, education, healthcare, green technology, and deep tech projects. Anticipating robust growth in these domains within Egypt, Sawari Ventures is set to play a pivotal role in driving innovation and entrepreneurship.

In an official statement, Al Sanbati expressed confidence in the current economic climate, emphasizing that despite initial hurdles, startups in Egypt are well-positioned for sustained growth. The company's strategic approach is geared towards capitalizing on prevailing conditions and fostering an environment conducive to continued investments in technology companies.

A Path to Prosperity

Projections indicate that Egyptian startups backed by Sawari Ventures could attract substantial investments ranging between $350 million and $500 million over the next five years. Al Sanbati envisions Egypt emerging as a key investment hub in Africa and the wider region, propelled by Sawari's extensive track record of supporting over 500 startups since its inception.

Catalyzing Growth, Fuelling Innovation

Elaborating on Sawari Ventures' operational framework, Al Sanbati highlighted the firm's commitment to catalyzing investments and positioning companies for future funding opportunities. With a focus on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, Sawari Ventures is dedicated to driving transformative change across various sectors.

Strategizing for Success

Al Sanbati emphasized the importance of exits in Sawari Ventures' strategy, underscoring the company's intent to reinvest in new ventures. Ongoing discussions regarding potential exits from certain companies within a year and a half reflect Sawari's proactive approach to sustaining growth and attracting new investors.

Sawari Ventures: A Catalyst for Change

With 35% of its investment portfolio dedicated to the fintech sector, Sawari Ventures aims to modernize the Egyptian economy and promote financial inclusivity. By supporting innovative fintech startups, Sawari Ventures is driving transformative change, paving the way for a more dynamic and accessible financial ecosystem.

A Legacy of Support

Founded in Egypt in 2010, Sawari Ventures has emerged as a cornerstone of the country's venture capital landscape. With a portfolio of over 30 companies, including industry leaders like Swvl, MoneyFellows, Instabug, Si-Ware, and Elves, Sawari Ventures continues to champion innovation and drive economic growth in Egypt and beyond.