GB Capital's Vision for SME Growth

In a significant move to bolster small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Egypt, GB Capital, a subsidiary of GB Corp, has launched "Kredit." This new subsidiary, backed by an initial capital infusion of EGP 35 million, has seen a substantial increase to EGP 300 million, underscoring its strategic importance in advancing financial inclusion and supporting SME development.

Kredit's Role in Financial Inclusion

Part of GB Capital's broader strategy, Kredit is poised to play a pivotal role in fostering financial inclusion and contributing to the overall growth of SMEs in the Egyptian landscape. The subsidiary is geared to provide comprehensive financial solutions that will catalyze economic development in the region.

Tamer El Alamy's Vision

Tamer El Alamy, CEO and Board Member of GB Capital, expressed his vision for Kredit, stating, "Kredit aims to provide innovative solutions for financing SMEs after its launch in the third quarter of 2023." This strategic initiative supplements the existing array of financial services offered by the GB Capital group, encompassing individuals, large corporations, real estate financing, insurance, discounting, and factoring.

Managing Board Member's Perspective

Ahmed Imam, Managing Board Member of Kredit, outlined the company's expansion plans in the Egyptian market. He emphasized Kredit's commitment to financing various sectors, with a specific focus on entrepreneurs, green projects, manufacturers, exporters, and potential expansions for companies.

Imam highlighted, "Kredit will adopt a different approach, emphasizing ease of access, speed, and transparency in meeting customer needs, and providing additional services." This forward-thinking approach underscores Kredit's commitment to breaking barriers and setting new standards in the realm of financial services for SMEs.

Catering to Diverse Sector Needs

With a mission to tailor financing solutions to the unique needs of each sector in Egypt, Kredit is set to introduce innovative financing methods. The company's strategic focus extends to providing financial support for entrepreneurs, promoting green projects, bolstering manufacturing initiatives, facilitating exports, and enabling potential expansions for companies.

Kredit's Distinctive Approach

As Kredit embarks on its journey to become a key player in the Egyptian financial landscape, it stands out with a commitment to a customer-centric approach. Prioritizing ease of access, speed, and transparency, Kredit is set to redefine financial services for SMEs, contributing significantly to the economic growth and prosperity of the Egyptian business ecosystem.