Verod-Kepple Africa Ventures (VKAV) marks a significant milestone with the successful closure of its inaugural fund, securing $60 million to fuel the growth of promising startups across the continent. This announcement heralds a new chapter in the African startup ecosystem, providing essential capital to support the expansion and development of growth-stage companies.

Supporting Series A and B Startups

In an increasingly challenging investment landscape, VKAV is committed to bridging the funding gap for series A and B startups, offering vital capital and resources to propel their growth trajectory. Partner Ory Okolloh underscores the importance of nurturing companies at these critical stages to foster sustainable growth, scalability, and profitability.

Building Infrastructure for the Digital Economy

Founded in 2022 through a collaboration between Verod Capital and Kepple Africa, VKAV focuses on investing in startups that are pioneering infrastructure for the digital economy, addressing business inefficiencies, and capitalizing on emerging consumer trends. With investments ranging from $1 million to $3 million, VKAV has already deployed $17.5 million across 12 companies spanning multiple sectors and geographies.

Diverse Portfolio: Sector-Agnostic Approach

While remaining sector-agnostic, VKAV expresses particular interest in Vertical ERP startups, embedded financial services providers, and innovators in the future of work space. The fund also seeks to explore opportunities in underserved markets such as Angola, Zambia, DRC, and Tunisia, aligning with its pan-African investment strategy.

Hands-On Support: Partnering for Success

The partnership between Verod Capital and Kepple Africa enables VKAV to provide hands-on support to portfolio companies, offering operational expertise, governance enhancements, and guidance through Africa's dynamic economic landscape. Collaborations with Japanese institutional investors further strengthen VKAV's position and highlight the growing global interest in African tech startups.

Fostering Inclusion and Innovation

Diversity remains a cornerstone of VKAV's investment philosophy, encompassing gender, founders, sectors, and markets. With the backing of Japanese investors and a steadfast commitment to driving economic transformation across Africa, VKAV is poised to empower exceptional founders and catalyze sustainable growth in the African tech ecosystem.

VKAV's $60 million fund signals a resounding vote of confidence in the potential of African startups to drive innovation, create value, and transform economies across the continent.