Addressing Health Challenges Amid Climate Change

In response to the pressing healthcare needs exacerbated by climate change, Tanzanian healthcare startup, Medikea, secures funding from the Catalyst Fund. This investment propels Medikea towards its mission of delivering accessible and affordable healthcare solutions to vulnerable communities in Tanzania.

As climate change intensifies health challenges across Africa, including increased malnutrition, infectious diseases, and heat-induced illnesses, the demand for healthcare services escalates. Medikea recognizes this growing need and endeavors to confront it head-on by leveraging innovation and strategic healthcare delivery models.

Innovative Solutions for Affordable Care

Founded in 2023 by Dr. Elvis Silayo (CEO) and Dr. Desire Ruhinda (COO), Medikea pioneers a holistic approach to healthcare delivery. Integrating around-the-clock telemedicine services with strategically located physical clinics, Medikea ensures that essential care is accessible and affordable for financially disadvantaged individuals.

A Unique Delivery Model

Medikea's delivery model combines virtual consultations with in-person clinic visits, offering comprehensive primary care and diagnostics at a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives. This hybrid approach not only enhances accessibility but also ensures that patients receive quality healthcare services tailored to their needs.

Driving Impact in Tanzania

Headquartered in Dar es Salaam, Medikea has already made significant strides in serving the Tanzanian population. With approximately 10,000 individuals benefiting from its services, including consultations, specialist referrals, and pharmacy linkages, Medikea is poised to make a lasting impact on healthcare accessibility in the region.

Charting a Path Towards Health Equity

As Medikea continues to expand its reach and impact, it remains committed to its core mission of promoting health equity and addressing healthcare disparities. By harnessing technology and innovation, Medikea strives to empower communities and improve health outcomes for all Tanzanians, irrespective of their socio-economic status.