In the bustling landscape of Egypt's tech ecosystem, Sprints emerges as a beacon of innovation and opportunity. With a recent infusion of $3 million in bridge funding, the AI-powered edtech startup sets its sights on an ambitious expansion drive into 10 new markets. Let's delve into the transformative journey of Sprints and the profound impact it seeks to wield in redefining education for the future.

Bridging the Tech Talent Gap

At the core of Sprints' mission lies a steadfast commitment to bridging the tech talent gap across the MEA region. Founded in 2020 by Ayman Bazaraa and Bassam Sharkawy, the startup endeavors to prepare qualified talent for the dynamic demands of the labor market through its innovative AI-powered platform. With a guaranteed hiring program, Sprints embarks on a transformative journey to nurture the next generation of tech talent.

Revolutionizing Education with AI

Sprints prides itself on being a pioneer in redefining education for the future. By offering an end-to-end platform encompassing talent assessment, customized learning journeys, and a top-paying job guarantee, the startup sets a new standard in the edtech landscape. With a focus on agility and adaptability, Sprints empowers learners to thrive in diverse tech domains, from Artificial Intelligence to cybersecurity.

Scaling Impact, Empowering Learners

Since its inception, Sprints has left an indelible mark on the education landscape, delivering over 2.5 million learning hours and securing graduate employment with over 300 tech employers worldwide. With a bold vision to educate 1 billion learners in a decade, Sprints embarks on a transformative journey to shape digitally adept citizens equipped for the future job market.

Partnering for Progress

Fueling Sprints' journey towards excellence is a strategic partnership with Disruptech Ventures, EdVentures, and CFYE, among other esteemed investors. With a shared commitment to unlocking the region's talent potential, these partnerships serve as a catalyst for Sprints' expansion into new markets. Leveraging decades of combined expertise, the stakeholders converge to decode the growth dilemma and empower organizations to build world-class tech teams.

Trailblazing Expansion

As Sprints charts a course towards geographic expansion, the startup sets its sights on venturing into 10 new markets. This strategic endeavor not only bridges the regional talent gap but also positions the MEA region as a burgeoning tech hub. With a goal to equip over 200,000 learners with essential tech skills, Sprints embarks on a transformative odyssey to shape the future of tech talent landscape.

Shaping Tomorrow's Workforce

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, Sprints stands poised to redefine the contours of the tech talent landscape. Through pioneering initiatives, strategic partnerships, and relentless dedication, the startup paves the way for a future where education transcends boundaries and empowers learners to thrive in the face of evolving workforce challenges. As Sprints accelerates its trajectory of growth and impact, it emerges as a catalyst for shaping tomorrow's workforce and fostering sustainable socio-economic progress across the region.