The conversation begins with a simple introduction, as Chiamaka Okoro states her name and company: Chiamaka Okoro, Autusview Consult, a business in the writing industry, where she holds the title of The Founder. Her company was established in 2022, and she hails from Nigeria, residing in Lagos.

Autusview Consult, as she describes it, is a brand committed to excellence, communication, and commitment. Their mission is to assist writers in achieving success by providing top-notch digital services that enhance productivity and profitability. They specialize in helping writers improve their skills, transcribing audio and video content into well-written material and books, and refining rough manuscripts into masterpieces. Additionally, they alleviate the burden of busy influencers by aiding them in sharing their messages through books.

Chiamaka's venture was inspired by her mentor, Mr. Hollis Idabor, who highlighted the significance of acquiring various skills within the writing industry. This revelation, following her training in 2021, ignited the spark for her business. As she began to practice her newfound skills, she saw the potential to transform them into a thriving enterprise.

The business offers a range of services, including transcribing audio content, editing and proofreading to enhance written content, and ghostwriting for professionals with hectic schedules.

In terms of customer engagement, Chiamaka relies on the power of recommendations. The Know, Like, Trust (KLT) factor plays a significant role in attracting and retaining clients.

However, the journey has not been without challenges. Early on, Chiamaka faced difficulties with sales closing due to her inexperience. She addressed this by attending workshops and training sessions that reshaped her approach to sales.

To those aspiring to start their own businesses, Chiamaka offers advice on readiness, emphasizing that one must be fully prepared for the battles ahead. She also encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to recognize their uniqueness and creativity as their distinguishing factor in the industry. Furthermore, she underscores the importance of formal business registration as a means to establish authority and build trust within the business realm.