In 2016, Kenyan entrepreneur Gedion Gaturi embarked on a journey to address a critical global challenge: digital accessibility. Recognizing the complexity many businesses face in making their digital assets accessible to all, Gaturi founded Turi Multi Agency, a company dedicated to providing comprehensive digital accessibility solutions across various sectors.

The Genesis of Turi Multi Agency

The inspiration behind Turi Multi Agency stemmed from a deep-seated understanding of the barriers faced by educational institutions, businesses, and legal entities in delivering inclusive experiences and navigating accessibility regulations. Gaturi envisioned a company that would not only bridge these gaps but also foster growth and innovation in the digital landscape.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Turi Multi Agency's mission is clear: to be a global powerhouse in digital accessibility solutions, promoting efficiency, fostering growth, and understanding the legal, business, and education sectors intimately. Their vision extends beyond borders, aiming to inspire growth and sustainability through state-of-the-art empowerment in information access. Guided by values of excellence, ethical practices, and a customer-centric approach, Turi Multi Agency is committed to making information accessible to all.

Comprehensive Services

Turi Multi Agency offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of its diverse clientele. From education to business and the legal sector, their offerings include content creation and analysis, translation and interpretation services, research, big data analysis, web marketing, and legal support. By breaking down language barriers and fostering inclusivity, Turi Multi Agency creates a more accessible world for all.

Business Model and Revenue Generation

Operating on a packaged solution model, Turi Multi Agency engages in both short-term and long-term contracts with industries, corporations, and information seekers. By providing tailored consultation and addressing the specific needs of each market segment, they sustain profitability while ensuring client satisfaction.

Target Market and Customer-Centric Approach

Turi Multi Agency's target market includes learning institutions, government agencies, corporations, law firms, hospitals, and businesses reliant on digital solutions. By understanding and meeting the needs of their customers, they attract and retain clients through a commitment to delivering projects to satisfaction and addressing digital accessibility gaps in the market.

Innovation and Industry Leadership

Staying ahead of industry trends and prioritizing innovation are paramount for Turi Multi Agency. With a dedicated research team and a state-of-the-art Knowledge Bureau, they provide insights into emerging technologies and market trends, ensuring they remain at the forefront of digital accessibility solutions.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Beyond business success, Turi Multi Agency is committed to social responsibility. Their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative focuses on revolutionizing education and providing sustainable solutions for persons with disabilities, reflecting their dedication to making a positive impact on society.

Future Vision and Entrepreneurial Advice

Looking ahead, Turi Multi Agency envisions a world where every individual can thrive, regardless of their abilities or background. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Gaturi advises passion, integrity, and a commitment to solving existing problems. By remaining authentic, trustworthy, and building fruitful relationships, entrepreneurs can navigate the journey of entrepreneurship with purpose and impact.