Unveiling the Inaugural Cohort

Endeavor Kenya, renowned for its commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent, has announced the commencement of its Endeavor ScaleUp program. This initiative aims to provide critical support to high-growth startup ventures, equipping them with the necessary network and resources to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Meet the Visionaries

The inaugural cohort comprises a diverse group of tenacious entrepreneurs poised to make a significant impact in their respective industries. Among them are June Odongo (founder, Senga), Hilda Moraa (founder, Pezesha), Rebecca Harrison (founder, African Management Institute), and Sonia Kabra (co-founder, BuuPass), along with other trailblazers such as Wyclife Omondi (co-founder, BuuPass) and George Jabesh (co-founder, Nakama Tech).

Comprehensive Support Structure

Over the next six to twelve months, these selected entrepreneurs will benefit from Endeavor's comprehensive ScaleUp methodology. This includes access to expert mentors, immersive business development training, fundraising support, and a robust peer network of accomplished entrepreneurs who have navigated the complexities of scaling their ventures.

A Vision for Growth

Maryanne Ochola, Managing Director of Endeavor Kenya, underscores the program's vision to catalyze rapid business growth among the participants, propelling them towards becoming future Endeavor entrepreneurs. She emphasizes the invaluable benefits that ScaleUp offers, including targeted training in leadership skills, business strategies, and innovative technologies.

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Journeys

Ochola highlights the opportunity for participants to engage with seasoned entrepreneurs who will provide invaluable insights and guidance, accelerating their entrepreneurial journeys as they transition to the next phase of growth.

Unlocking Potential: The ScaleUp Program

Endeavor's ScaleUp Program serves as a non-dilutive accelerator, offering a fast-track route for entrepreneurs to potentially join the prestigious Endeavor network. Through one-on-one mentoring sessions and access to Endeavor Kenya's extensive network, participants receive tailored support to scale their ventures sustainably.

A Cohort of Innovation

The inaugural cohort represents a diverse array of tech-enabled businesses demonstrating exceptional growth potential. Among them, Nakama-Tech, founded by George Jabesh, offers innovative business solutions to enhance customer satisfaction and sales. Similarly, ZenDawa is revolutionizing the pharmacy industry with its comprehensive B2B SaaS platform, empowering neighborhood pharmacies with tele-pharmacy services and efficient operations.

Driving Tangible Growth

Other standout ventures include African Management Institute (AMI), which empowers businesses across Africa with practical tools and training, and Senga, which is redefining logistics and supply chains for Africa's formal retail sector.

Pioneering the Next Generation of Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Endeavor Kenya's ScaleUp program stands as a testament to its commitment to fostering entrepreneurial excellence and driving sustainable growth across Africa. With a cohort of visionary leaders at its helm, the program is poised to unlock new realms of innovation and opportunity in the startup ecosystem.