Unveiling the Next-Gen Battery Swap Network

Kofa, a leading clean tech company, is set to revolutionize urban energy access in West Africa with the launch of its second-generation Kore 2 Swap & Go network. This groundbreaking system, powered by proprietary IoT with full Edge AI capability, is designed to serve as a complementary force to the existing electricity grid. Backed by prominent entities like Shell Foundation, the UK’s FCDO, Wangara Green Ventures, and Mercy Corps Ventures, Kofa is at the forefront of pioneering Africa’s first multi-use, swappable battery network.

Advancements in IoT and Edge AI

Kofa initially launched Ghana’s first connected battery swap network, Kore1, in early 2023. Building upon this success, the company has developed the Kore2 network, introducing significant advancements. The upgraded IoT platform allows for fully autonomous battery swapping, even in areas with low or no internet connectivity. This innovation opens doors to increased reliability, scalability, and internationalization.

Empowering Businesses and Mobility

The AI-powered network by Kofa delivers substantial customer savings through high automation and auto-repairing features. Beyond reliability, these capabilities also facilitate scalability and international expansion. The Kore2 battery, with a 2.3kWh capacity (28% more than its predecessor), offers versatile applications. It provides cost-effective, high-performance power that is at least 30% more competitive than traditional petrol sources.

Diverse Applications of Kore2 Battery

The Kore2 battery powers the essentials of a small urban store for 15 hours, including a refrigerator, lights, and fans. Moreover, it can drive large-wattage tools like drills and power saws for 2 to 4 hours. Excitingly, the Kore2 will also fuel the TAILG Jidi electric motorcycle with a range of 100km, scheduled to launch in Q1 2024.

Network Expansion and Environmental Impact

Kofa has strategically positioned 12 swap stations across Accra, some of which are solar-powered, with a capacity to deliver over 20,000 battery swaps monthly. The company aims to install an additional 80 stations by the end of 2024, expanding to multiple cities in Africa. This move will increase the network's capacity to over 100,000 swaps monthly, representing an annual avoidance of 2,160 tonnes of CO2 emissions, particularly through the use of the Jidi electric motorcycle.

Advanced Network Monitoring for Optimal User Experience

Kofa's network employs advanced monitoring software, ensuring that all swap stations remain online 24/7. Monitored remotely by Kofa staff or through AI-powered software, the network processes and uploads real-time data. This data optimizes user experience by making decisions based on live information, such as directing users to swap stations with fully charged Kore2 batteries.

Erik Nygard's Vision for Kofa

Erik Nygard, CEO of Kofa, expresses the significance of the Kore2 battery network as a pivotal step towards accessible and affordable energy in African urban centers. The network seamlessly connects users to clean energy without the constraints of cables and wires, ensuring significant savings compared to traditional petrol sources. Kofa envisions expanding its network to bring batteries into more homes, businesses, and vehicles across Africa, embodying a transformative force in the continent's energy landscape.