Smile Identity, a leading digital KYC and identity verification provider in Africa, has made a strategic move to acquire Inclusive Innovations, the parent company of Ghanaian identity verification and fraud detection company, Appruve. This acquisition marks a significant step towards advancing identity verification solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Africans across the globe.

The Story Behind Smile Identity

Founded in 2017 by Mark Straub and William Bares, Smile Identity emerged from Straub's personal experiences while traveling through India and Africa. Faced with the challenge of proving his identity in various settings, Straub recognized the need for a reliable identity verification solution tailored specifically for Africans. Thus, Smile Identity was born, with a mission to provide easy and secure identity verification for Africans worldwide.

Pioneering Technology for African Identity Authentication

Smile Identity is at the forefront of developing advanced AI and identity verification tools designed to accurately authenticate African facial features. With an impressive accuracy rate of 99.8 percent, the company's innovative technology has gained traction among rapidly growing companies across Africa, including Chipper Cash, Paga, Paystack, and Twiga.

Broadening Identity Verification Solutions

Appruve, known for its API-driven approach to user identity verification and fraud detection, brings valuable expertise and datasets to Smile Identity's portfolio. Despite limited venture capital funding, Appruve has established itself as a prominent player in digital verification. Smile Identity's acquisition of Appruve will expand its suite of APIs, incorporating mobile money, data, and anti-fraud checks.

Expanding Reach and Capabilities

With the acquisition of Appruve, Smile Identity strengthens its position as a leading identity verification provider in Africa. The combined capabilities of both companies enable Smile Identity to serve over 1 billion Africans, the African diaspora, and 100 million African businesses. Additionally, Smile Identity can now support a wide range of documents and data types, seamlessly integrating with any device and operating system combination in Africa.

Empowering Secure Identity Verification Across Africa

Through strategic partnerships, innovative technology, and a commitment to excellence, Smile Identity continues to revolutionize identity verification for Africans. With the acquisition of Appruve, the company reinforces its dedication to providing secure, reliable, and accessible identity verification solutions that empower individuals and businesses across the continent and beyond.