Empowering Access to Consumer Finance

MID Takseet, a prominent consumer finance company, and Paymob, a leading financial services enabler in the MENAP region, have joined forces to enhance access to top-tier consumer finance solutions in Egypt. This strategic partnership aims to leverage innovative payment solutions and technology to provide seamless financial services to a wide range of customers.

Integration of Cutting-Edge Solutions

In the initial phase of the collaboration, MID Takseet's flexible payment plans and financing services will be integrated into Paymob's extensive network of over 250,000 merchants in Egypt. This integration will empower merchants to offer enhanced payment options to their customers, both in-store and online, through Paymob's point of sale (POS) terminals.

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

Mahmoud El-Ghawas, CEO of MID Takseet, emphasized the company's commitment to incorporating advanced technology and payment solutions to enhance customer satisfaction. By partnering with Paymob, a renowned payment enabler, MID Takseet aims to deliver exceptional services that prioritize customer convenience and ease of transactions.

Enhanced Merchant Capabilities

Gillan Shaaban, CCO of Paymob, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the benefits it brings to merchants. Studies have shown that offering customers flexible payment options can significantly increase sales conversions and basket size. Through this collaboration, Paymob aims to empower merchants to compete in the digital economy and contribute to sustainable economic growth.

Innovative Financial Solutions

MID Takseet is known for its superior non-banking financial solutions, offering a wide range of advanced services to businesses and customers alike. Through its mobile app, MID Takseet simplifies financing by providing installment services for various products, including electronics, educational services, and home furnishings. This commitment to innovation and financial inclusion positions MID Takseet as a leader in the consumer finance market.

Driving Financial Inclusion and Growth

By introducing innovative solutions and programs, MID Takseet and Paymob are driving financial inclusion and aligning with technological advancements in Egypt. This collaboration not only enhances access to consumer finance but also fosters economic growth and competitiveness in the digital era. Through their combined expertise and resources, MID Takseet and Paymob are empowering businesses and customers to thrive in the evolving financial landscape of Egypt.