Breaking New Ground

eTranzact Global Limited, a pioneering payment technology solutions provider headquartered in Nigeria, embarks on a new journey as it announces its expansion into Uganda. With the issuance of operational licenses from the Central Bank of Uganda, eTranzact is set to revolutionize the financial landscape in the East African nation.

A Gateway to Innovation

The Bank of Uganda has granted eTranzact Global Limited two crucial licenses under the National Payment Systems Operator Act, 2020. These licenses, obtained in April 2024, authorize eTranzact to operate as a Payment Systems Operator and Payment Service Provider Class A. With these licenses in hand, eTranzact is poised to introduce a suite of cutting-edge payment solutions to Ugandan businesses and consumers.

Empowering Ugandan Businesses

Valentine Obi, Group CEO and Founder of eTranzact, emphasizes the company's dedication to fostering financial inclusion and innovation across Africa. He asserts that eTranzact's advanced payment solutions will provide businesses in Uganda with the convenience and security necessary to thrive in the digital age.

Aligning with Digital Uganda Vision

John Apea, Board Member of eTranzact Platform Limited, Uganda, echoes the company's commitment to supporting Uganda's 'Digital Uganda Vision.' This national initiative aims to leverage digital innovation for sustainable development and poverty eradication. By aligning with this vision, eTranzact endeavors to play a pivotal role in driving Uganda's digital transformation agenda forward.

Seizing Opportunities: Uganda's Digital Landscape

Uganda's Digital Uganda Vision aims to elevate the country's global ICT indices and attract investment by fostering a conducive environment for digital innovation. With Uganda ranked 114th globally on the Global Innovation Index, there is immense potential for growth and development in the country's digital ecosystem.

A Promising Future

As eTranzact embarks on its journey into Uganda, it heralds a new era of financial empowerment and technological advancement. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and inclusion, eTranzact is poised to reshape Uganda's digital landscape and drive sustainable growth in the region.