Revolutionizing Connectivity in East Africa

In a transformative move set to reshape the digital landscape of East Africa, FiberHome Technologies, a prominent Chinese supplier of fiber optic products, has forged a strategic partnership with CP Cables (Kenya). This landmark deal aims to deliver affordable and accessible fiber optic solutions to Kenya and Uganda, addressing the critical need for enhanced internet connectivity in the region.

Connectivity Challenges in East Africa

While urban and semi-urban areas in Kenya are home to 9.8 million individuals with broadband access, a staggering 22 million people in the nation lack internet connectivity altogether. Among those with access, 38 percent contend with low-speed dial-up internet, underscoring the urgent need for improved and widespread connectivity.

Regional Internet Accessibility

The internet accessibility scenario is mirrored across the East African region, emphasizing the pressing demand for infrastructural developments. Recognizing this need, Kenya Kwanza’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) has prioritized substantial investments in digital superhighways.

FiberHome Technologies and CP Cables

Bruce Wang, Deputy CEO of Fiber Home International Technologies, highlighted the expansive grounds for cooperation between FiberHome Technologies and CP Cables. The collaboration is rooted in a shared vision for advancement in the realms of optical fiber, cable, and Optical Distribution Network (ODN).

CP Cables' Dedication to Excellence

The decision to join forces with CP Cables was propelled by the company's unwavering commitment to service excellence within the communications industry. The expectation is that CP Cables will emerge as a dominant force in enhancing interconnectivity throughout Kenya and the East African Community.

FiberHome's Strategic Alliances

FiberHome Technologies boasts a global footprint with strategic alliances extending to renowned entities such as Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Vodafone, Singtel, Algeria Telecom, Morocco Telecom, and Egypt Telecom. With over 30 representative offices worldwide, FiberHome Technologies has positioned itself as a key player in the fiber optics industry.

Affordability and Quality Assurance

The collaboration envisions the availability of substantial in-country stocks of high-quality fiber products at affordable prices. This strategic move is poised to fill the existing gap in market dynamics, fostering equilibrium in the telecom sector and ensuring that quality fiber optic solutions are accessible to a broader demographic.

Vision for Expansion

Rashmi Shah, Chairman of C & P Group, expressed the immense potential for internet connectivity expansion in both Uganda and Kenya. The combined population of 80 million in these two East African countries serves as a promising market for increased market share. The visionary model established through this partnership is anticipated to naturally extend to other markets in Africa.

Strengthening East African Digital Infrastructure

Keller Yun, Director of FiberHome East Africa, emphasizes that the collaboration is not merely a transaction but an opportunity for continuous strengthening of exchanges and cooperation. The overarching goal is to make significant contributions to the development of Kenya's digital infrastructure and pave the way for a more connected and digitally empowered East Africa.